How Organizations Can Benefit from Adaptive Authentication


Robert Block, SecureAuth Sr. Vice President for Identity Strategy talks to CyberScoop about why two-factor authentication is cumbersome for organization's employees and how adaptive authentication is a better way for users and security



The Death of 2FA and the Birth of Modern Authentication

According to IDC, two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) were born in a 'different day” and are based on technology that is now 20 years old. Organizations are encouraged to look at modern authentication solutions that adjust based on the level of risk, are invisible to users and remove dependency on the unreliable password.

Demo: Consumer Portal Protection Using Adaptive Authentication

Senior Solutions Engineer Jeff Hickman shows how SecureAuth protects consumer portals with adaptive authentication in this live demo. 
Learn more about SecureAuth solutions for Portal Protection

Adaptive Access Control for Portal Protection

Protect your consumer, employee or partner portal against identity-based threats without unjustifiably interrupting your users.  Read this solution brief to learn more about SecureAuth adaptive access control for portal protection.

eBook: Secure Access Control for Office 365

It’s easy to understand why Office 365 is the most widely used cloud service in the world: applications are constantly updated, it’s easy-to-use, and comes at a relatively low cost. It’s also a prime target for would-be attackers. Chances are, your business is not only already at risk—your data is already threatened. One study reports that virtually every organization experiences at least one cloud-based threat each month and the average has soared to nearly six incidents every week.

RIP IOCs: How Machine Learning will Revolutionize IT Security - Part II

David Ross


In my last blog post, I sounded the death knell for indicators of compromise (IOCs) — attributes that implicate an item as being associated with cybercrime. IOCs written for one environment rarely transfer into new environments without lots of false positives and false negatives because what’s abnormal (and therefore an IOC) for one system or user might be completely normal for another user or system, or even for the same user at a different time of day.

Survey: Majority of Americans Reuse Passwords and Millennials Are the Biggest Culprits


Irvine, Calif. – July 19, 2017SecureAuth Corp., the leader in adaptive access control, today announced results of a survey that reveal Americans’ online security anxiety is real, but their password practices remain sloppy. The report says Americans are much more likely to be concerned with their online personal information being stolen (69 percent) than their wallet being stolen (31 percent).