Meet the SecureAuth team at Gartner’s IAM 2022 Summit!

Continuous Authentication
for Everyone, Everywhere

With SecureAuth Arculix™, every digital journey is simple, seamless, and secure to support your Zero Trust initiatives.

Passwordless Continuous Authentication

Arculix™ by SecureAuth

The leading next-gen access management and authentication that enables the most secure and passwordless, continuous authentication experience for employees, partners, and customers. Deployed in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments, Arculix manages and protects access to applications, systems, and data at scale, anywhere in the world.

Let the Right People In, Keep the Wrong Ones out.

workforce identity

Workforce Identity

Protect employees, partners, and contractors with frictionless user experience while reducing business risk and increasing productivity

customer identity

Customer Identity

Enable your evolving digital business initiatives with simple, secure, unified customer experience

Gartner 2022

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Meet the SecureAuth team at Gartner’s IAM 2022 Summit!

Gartner 2022

The Smart Choice for Secure Identities

Arculix leverages adaptive risk analytics, using hundreds of variables like human patterns, device and browser fingerprinting, and geolocation to create each user’s unique digital DNA. This enables real-time continuous authentication, providing the highest level of security throughout the digital journey. Arculix is also fully extensible with deployment in SaaS, On-Prem, or hybrid environments and it can augment your existing IDPs.

Adaptive Authentication

Use behavioral modeling to provide real-time continuous authentication. Leverage SecureAuth’s AI & Machine Learning risk analytics engine to create a user’s unique digital DNA, built from hundreds of variables including human patterns, device, and browser fingerprinting, and geolocation.

Passwordless Authentication

Easily deploy modern, passwordless initiatives to improve business security and efficiency by removing the risk associated with passwords

Multi-Factor Authentication

Tap 30+ methods of authentication with the flexibility to apply identity security to meet any use case or user choice. With invisible authentication, you can still get the benefits of MFA, but without friction.

Single Sign-On

Accelerate productivity while increasing control by enabling secure authentication and federation across applications, systems and websites, in the cloud and behind the firewall

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