2023 Authenticate Pulse Report: Two-Thirds of Organizations Moving to Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Continuous Authentication

Go beyond passwords and end ATO attacks with our game-changing approach to authentication. Replace vulnerable MFA methods with Passkeys as part of a risk-based, continuous AuthN strategy.

Cyber Insurance Compliance

Reduce your premium costs by 20% and say goodbye to policy exclusions when using SecureAuth’s Invisible MFA and Passwordless capabilities.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Security

Attain security and user experience Nirvana. Wipe all VDI instances on a routine basis while enabling frictionless logins for users. No mobile devices needed.

Okta SSO Breach Mitigation

Don’t be the next Okta breach headline. Secure all users, all apps, and all devices. Reduce MFA prompts by 75% while saving millions.

Strengthened Microsoft E3 / E5 Security

Protect against credential attacks that allude Microsoft. Increase MFA adoption by 100% for both Mac and PC users while securing legacy apps.

Security for Remote and 3rd Party Users

Turn risk into a weapon by empowering users with our authentication & device trust platform. Secure user journeys and attain passwordless access to data.

SecureAuth Overview

Our risk-based passwordless authentication approach confirms the identity of a user on an ongoing basis rather than making a single authentication check at login. Customers realize a quick time to value while benefiting from strengthened security and a frictionless user experience. A win-win for your organization and the world.

Modern Authentication Security Challenges Require a New Approach

Before SecureAuth

16 Logins / Day, High friction, Poor security, Difficult and siloed deployment

28 Percent

28% Average MFA Adoption Rate for MSFT Users


90% of MFA Methods are Phishable

After SecureAuth

One-time login, Frictionless, Strengthened security, Easy and centralized deployment

100 percent

100% MFA Adoption Rate

100 percent

100% of MFA Solutions Phishing-Resistant

Product Highlights

Eliminate MFA vulnerabilities, mitigate risk, and delight users with one solution from SecureAuth.

Passkeys: Replace Vulnerable MFA Methods

Learn the good, the bad, and ugly when it comes to this FIDO2-approved MFA tactic.

SecureAuth Passkey
Passwordless Continuous Authentication

Not All Passwordless Authentication Solutions are Created Equal

Despite all the pitfalls of passwords, they continue to persist.

SecureAuth was created to flip the switch on authentication and help you realize the benefits of a passwordless world. And deploy the solution in a simple, more effective manner.

Here are some Passwordless myths that may have delayed your initiatives:


Myth 1

Passkeys are all you need for a comprehensive passwordless solution


Myth 2

My SSO vendor provides a good enough passwordless solution


Myth 3

Passwordless technology is difficult to deploy

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