Announcing SecureAuth® IdP 9.0
First-Ever Adaptive and Continuous Authentication Product Using Behavioral Biometric Technology

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Behavioral Biometrics: Game-Changing technology
that helps you determine your identities with confidence

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Read IDC’s take on SecureAuth's  
innovative approach
 for the European IAM Marketplace 

New IDC Research Report
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Get Secure, Frictionless Access Control
For Healthcare Environments With SecureAuth® IdP

Determine Identities with Confidence
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Passwords Get A Lot Of Bad Press

Find out why the Password is Not Dead
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Who is SecureAuth?

SecureAuth is the leader in adaptive access control solutions, empowering organizations to determine identities with confidence.

Why SecureAuth® IdP?

Billions of dollars have been spent to improve security – yet security teams are still not sure who is accessing their business applications. SecureAuth IdP provides authentication security, single sign-on and user self-service tools in a unified platform, allowing strong identity security with minimal user disruption.

Our Product

How are we different? SecureAuth® IdP is different in three areas:

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