Access Management & Zero Trust in an Era of Perimeterless Enterprises

Paul Wiederkehr
Product Marketing Manager
March 25, 2020

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Enterprise security for any business, organization, or institution is an absolute primary concern for risk and security leaders.  Protecting your valuable resources – from data to applications – is essential to ensure efficient and continuous operations.  The cyber threat is real as bad actors continue to target companies and individuals to compromise security and exfiltrate data. The recent breach reports clearly identified the number of breaches in 2019 increased over 2018 – the ITRC report noted an increase of 17%.  And the Verizon BDIR report identified 80% of hacking related breaches leveraged either stolen or weak passwords.  Protecting the business while enabling users with an efficient self-service solution access management solution is needed.

An Evolving Landscape

The business environment is changing, it’s evolving. The technology being used by companies as well as people has changed and continues to evolve.  Organizations of all sizes are all-in on a digital transformation journey and are leveraging the flexibility, scale, and efficiency of cloud services from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS. And the users – workforce, partners, contractors, and customers – are accessing services via smartphones, tablets, and laptops from coffee shops, airports, home offices, and more. The changing technology landscape coupled with users that want/need access anytime, anywhere from any device is creating resource sprawl and a new reality for cyber-security professionals.

A New Reality – Zero Trust

The Zero Trust model is an end-to-end approach to network/data security encompassing identity, credentials, access management, operations, endpoints, hosting environments, and the interconnecting infrastructure.  The model is hyper-focused on protecting data and ensuring any access to resources is prudent, secure, and easy for users to adopt.

The model is gaining substantial traction with organizations. The recent 2019 Zero Trust Adoption Report from NIST notes:

  • 78% of IT security teams are looking to embrace zero trust
  • 19% are actively implementing zero trust, and
  • 15% already have zero trust in place

The report also notes that nearly half of enterprise IT security teams (47%) lack confidence in their ability to provide zero trust given their current security technology. And that the highest security priority for application access is privileged account management of users and multi-factor authentication capabilities (68%).

Implementing a New Approach

Because bad actors are not going away and will continue to look for any opportunity to compromise an organization, it’s imperative that your access management solution provides the flexibility, functionality, security, and user-experience your business requires to effectively offer your goods and services. We are in an era of perimeterless enterprises and securing identity is a critical step to implementing a Zero Trust security model. The team at SecureAuth understands the challenges and has a plan to help guide you to designing and deploying a robust access management solution to protect, secure, and enable your business objectives.

Review these resources to learn more about integrating Access Management with a Zero Trust security model:

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