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Many Tools to Control Access? Consolidate and Become More Efficient

Tools to Control Access
Sean Dyon, Solutions Engineer
April 03, 2017

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Organizational requirements over the past 15 years started out with simple requirements, namely single sign on goals, better user experience and ease of access. Some started with password vault solutions however many where agent based solutions that front ended internal web servers. As the number of applications grew, so too did the complexity. Often no “one shoe fits all” options where available, so additional software performing the same or similar tasks were needed. Attempts to connect these solutions together further added to the complexity.

The evolution of security requirements within organizations has lead us to a very interesting state, a state of over complexity for seemingly a simple concept – Access Control. Many organizations have a blended environment of existing Access Control products with internal and external applications that leave much to be desired in relation to security, complexity and maintainability.

Where does that leave us today? The proliferation of Frankenstein like environments with organizations continuously needing to “feed the beast”, but what are we sacrificing to keep it alive? More overhead, less and less benefit over time. Ever on the mind of executives is how to optimize. How can we become more efficient with the tools that we have, and are the tools we have the right tools to help us become more efficient? These questions, in addition to needs of constraining or reigning in budgets and reduced complexity has lead organizations to look for a centralized platform that does more – and more simply – meaning easy to administrate, flexible, and low overall total cost of ownership.

While there are many tools in the market to perform different types of risk checks and adaptive authentication, more that provide two-factor authentication, and others that can implement federation, organizations are best served by finding a full toolbox rather than buying individual tools. 

While many providers offer a series of products as part of a suite and often through acquisition, SecureAuth on the other hand has taken the approach of building around a core to deliver a robust capability that won’t require integration within the “suite.” A true centralized access control solution that enables organizations to consolidate existing systems and improve efficiency. This helps organizations focus on what is most important, increasing your bottom line.

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