The Security Landscape in 2016: For Better or Worse?

The last few years have seen a number of breaches that call into question the traditional password. In no small ...

What’s New in SecureAuth IdP, Version 8.2

SecureAuth is excited to announce its latest release of SecureAuth™ IdP 8.2. Release highlights include Cisco ...

Understanding Behavioral Biometrics

Here at SecureAuth, we talk a lot about adaptive authentication and its role in an innovative security program. As ...
Password Security, by the Numbers

Password Security, by the Numbers

In the last few years it’s become clear that words like “cybersecurity” and “cyber attacks” are no longer just ...

Proof That You Can Have Good Access Control and Less User Complaints

Security teams have a tough time finding ways to increase security that doesn’t create a lot of whining and ...
Darin Pendergraft

What the Cybersecurity National Action Plan Means to You

Yesterday and in tandem with his request to the increase federal cybersecurity budget to over $19 billion, ...
Craig Lund

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