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Risk-Based Continuous Authentication a Huge Hit at Gartner IAM 2022

Gartner 2022
Erin Swanson
VP, Product & Content Marketing
August 27, 2022

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It was a breath of fresh air, so to speak, to be able to sponsor a live event after the long covid era. And it was even more exciting to show off of our next- generation Arculix platform to many of the 1,500 attendees at the 2022 Gartner IAM event in Las Vegas

We got great feedback from our customers and prospects, including: 

  • While there were a few vendors touting passwordless, our risk-based continuous authentication platform differentiated us from the rest of the vendors as we can enable users to login (passwordlessly) once and have access to everything – all their devices, apps, VPNs, and VDIs – minus the MFA fatigue. (Our latest product will be GA’d  soon stay tuned for a press release and updated information on our website.) 
  • Platform flexibility is a huge benefit. Our solution can exist as a standalone identity provider or extend the security of other IdPs (such as Okta, Ping, ForgeRock, and Microsoft) for more advanced risk-based continuous authentication. It’s also FIDO2 compliant, as announced recently 
  • Our raffle prizes (iPhone, Drones) and cake pop giveaways were popular. Everyone saw our signage and wanted both. After all, you can’t say, “Have your cake and eat it too” without offering it at the booth.  

Other interesting observations:


  • Competence. Gartner presentations were enlightening as usual. We especially liked the ones from Henrique Bernardes B Teixeira who gave a colorful presentation on Access Management, tying to his Guitar hobby, Paul Rabinovich who gave an eye-opening competitive overview of the IAM space and Rebecca Archambault with her presentation on the importance of identity and connecting business values.

    A key quote from the conference: “By 2025, more than 50% of the workforce and more than 20% of customer authentication transactions will be passwordless, up from less than 10% today.”

    Overall, the conference was well organized and chuck-full of great content. Kudos.

  • Maturity. We appreciated seeing our peers and partners at Gartner IAM – it is a sure sign of old age when you run into so many people you know in every room and restaurant at these events.  
  • Humility. No one is immune from getting hacked, even when you offer a leading IAM solution. On the heels of this Gartner event, it was announced that one of our fellow sponsors fell prey to a phishing attack (hackers gained access via login credentials). It is a lesson to us all to fight the good fight and continuously improve our offerings to stay one step ahead of the bad actors. This also points to the urgent need to move towards passwordless, continuous authentication that’s based on behavioral analytics.

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