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SecureAuth IAM Integrates Seamlessly with Citrix Workspace

Paul Wiederkehr
Product Marketing Manager
May 12, 2021

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As a Citrix Ready Partner, SecureAuth recently participated in a pre-release process to test and validate an authentication integration between Citrix Workspace and SecureAuth, using the new SAML connector from Citrix.

The team at SecureAuth approaches our ecosystem partnerships with tremendous focus and respect, understanding the importance of interoperability across technology for the enterprise customer community. SecureAuth has validated and now supports the SAML 2.0 protocol to allow secure access for users into the Citrix Workspace.

Our mutual customers can now easily set-up their SecureAuth cloud IAM service as the identity provider for users to securely login to Citrix Workspace and access all of their virtual apps, desktops, files, and SaaS applications in a unified digital workspace. The seamless integration between SecureAuth Cloud IAM and Citrix Workspace enables users to leverage the SecureAuth adaptive authentication SaaS solution to securely access the Citrix Workspace digital environment from anywhere. The partnership delivers on security, identity protection, and productivity for enterprise organizations.

SAML integration in a few quick steps

Administrators will appreciate the velocity at which they can on-board the Citrix Workspace SaaS application into their SecureAuth environment. With the SecureAuth application integration wizard, an admin can quickly stand-up and launch Citrix in just a few minutes. Quickly apply the authentication policy from your existing policies to the app, set the user experience and security level, choose the applicable data store, upload the meta data (the wizard will auto-populate the fields required by Citrix), choose your signing certificate, add a few SAML attributes – and you’re done! The Citrix Workspace app is ready to launch for users.

For the user community, the Citrix Workspace application is simply a resource like O365, Slack, Salesforce, or any other enterprise application they can access (if the user is provided entitlement) after they securely authenticate to their corporate environment using SecureAuth. The addition of Citrix Workspace to the pool of available enterprise applications creates a great user experience with only one login process required to access all the resources your users need to be productive.

Fully customizable user authentication workflows

With SecureAuth, the identity and access management team can manage and control the user experience based on the authentication processes they choose to deploy for the app – essentially serving as a framework and guide for the user journey.

SecureAuth admins can easily create different workflows to manage the login experience based on specific users, user groups, and applications. By combining adaptive authentication (contextual risk checks) with multi-factor authentication (Push-to-Accept, Symbol-to-Accept, Biometrics, or Timed-One-Time-Passcode) admins can create prescriptive workflows for specific users, user groups, and applications based on business objectives and established risk thresholds. For example, the workflow for a remote or traveling employee wishing to access Citrix Workspace may be completely different than the workflow for an employee that reports to a corporate office every day because the risk threshold for each user is inherently different. This flexibility enables organizations to confidently protect valuable resources and ensure the best user experience.

With SecureAuth, customers can protect their Citrix Workspace app based on risk thresholds they assign not only to the app itself but to the users themselves. At the point of a login request the applied user workflow can trigger specific actions.   For example, you might grant the user access with their normal username and password if risk is low but if risk is high you might require a step-up verification by requesting a fingerprint or a push notification such as Symbol-to-Accept via the SecureAuth Authenticate mobile app residing on the users’ smartphone.

Citrix and SecureAuth together deliver stronger identity security

The ability to dynamically adjust the authentication steps in real-time based on intelligence and inputs improves security to protect your Citrix Workspace application and the valuable data within the application. Citrix and SecureAuth together deliver the efficiency, productivity, and security enterprise organizations need to succeed in the accelerating digital landscape.

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