SecureAuth IdP 9.0 – Introducing Game Changing Technology Via Behavioral Biometrics

IdP 9.0
July 17, 2016

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We are proud to announce our latest version of SecureAuth® IdP 9.0. This release marks a milestone in technology advancement for access control and authentication security with the introduction of Behavioral Biometrics. This groundbreaking new risk analysis technology makes an organization even more secure while improving user experience. The technology performs keystroke and mouse movement analysis to determine a user’s legitimacy without the user noticing, and builds a unique behavior-based template for each user. These templates are compared to subsequent login attempts and if they don’t match – SecureAuth IdP 9.0 can require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for that login to proceed. SecureAuth is the first identity management vendor to offer this capability as part of a comprehensive risk-based authentication process.

Watch this brief video to understand how Behavioral Biometrics can help you strengthen security without causing a burden to your users.

Additional Key Features in SecureAuth IdP 9.0

SIEM integration with IBM QRadar and HP ArcSight
SecureAuth IdP generates very valuable data, and making that data available to SIEMs can help correlate intrusion detections for increased accuracy in determining if, where, and when a breach occurred.

Identity Management API
The SecureAuth Identity Management (IDM) API enables customers to extend their in-house applications with IDM capabilities available in SecureAuth IdP, such as password reset, creating users and changing user profiles. This new API can reduce the time and difficulty of providing integration to over 14 supported backend data stores.

User Self Registration – Click and Go with QR Code Scan!
Quickly and easily get users up and running with support for Quick Response (QR) codes to self-register the SecureAuth IdP mobile application and Google Authenticator. This time saving capability reduces helpdesk and IT staff time, while improving adoption and shortening the time to value for IdP customers.

Get Started:

Visit – Latest release page about SecureAuth® IdP 9.0
Access – IdP 9.0 Product documentation and release notes 
Download – IdP 9.0 virtual appliance (multi-hypervisor support)
Download  – Mobile Apps & free Splunk dashboard  
Contact Support – Open a support ticket or phone at +1.949.777.6959 (option 2)  |  +1.866.859.1526

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