SecureAuth Access Control Survey Reveals Disappointing Status Of Cybersecurity In American Businesses

IRVINE, CA — AUGUST 3, 2015 – SecureAuth Corporation, the world’s premier innovator of adaptive identity and information security solutions, announced today the results of a market survey on the use of passwords and access control in the enterprises of 500 senior-level information technology executives. SecureAuth sponsored the survey in collaboration with SC Magazine in May of this year and published an analysis of the results in its Market Focus Report.

Respondents were asked to answer 10 network security questions with respect to the company each represented. Results showed that 58 percent felt confident in their company’s protection from security breaches, yet 39 percent use password-only authentication measures—a model regularly exploited in cyber-attacks as demonstrated in several recent breaches and consistently criticized for its lack of security. When asked who executives were most concerned would compromise the company’s network, 62 percent responded that they view employees as their biggest threat.

CEO of SecureAuth Craig Lund stated, “We found the results of this survey both eye-opening and a bit disappointing. Despite numerous high-profile cyber-attacks this year that exploited compromised passwords, many businesses are simply not taking the necessary precautions, such as deploying adaptive and two-factor authentication. We hope the survey results will encourage more organizations to evaluate their access control strategies and take recommended measures to improve their security to better protect their user’s identities and detect bad actors in their environment.”

In response to questions regarding the future of each executive’s network security, 63 percent answered that their company plans on changing from, or enhancing, the password-only model. However, for most companies, this process will take at least two years to achieve, leaving them vulnerable for some time to come. Looking five-years ahead, 19 percent of responders indicated that their company’s main method of IT security would be passwords, tokens and biometrics, while 18 percent will utilize two-factor authentication and 16 percent don’t know what the status of network security will be for their organization.

For the complete market focus report with survey results please visit our resource center.

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