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SecureAuth IdP v8.1 Release

I am pleased to announce today and the general availability of SecureAuth IdP v8.1. With this release we are setting the stage for our future vision, one where authentication becomes the glue that binds your perimeter defenses and enables you to not only use strong authentication to protect your resources but also detect bad actors who may be moving laterally your environment. Some of the notable features in this release include:

Authentication API

For version 8.1 SecureAuth IdP has officially incorporated an authentication API which enables the integration of IdP’s strong authentication capability into homegrown applications. This API leverages a RESTful interface and supports several second factor methods along with the Norse Live Threat Intelligence Risk Score. This API is helpful for companies that chose to use their own user application interface. Now they can easily leverage years of experience and use SecureAuth IdP’s authentication engine to protect their data and resources without having to architect authentication from the ground up.

Adaptive Authentication

With this release, key enhancements have been made in our adaptive authentication engine to include: the ability to pull apart and re-order analysis factors, enhanced logic and country and username as analysis criteria. These improvements deliver on our belief that no authentication vendor should dictate the user experience. Now our customers have even more flexibility to choose which authentication methods and analysis criteria to use and in what order.

Enhanced Syslog Formatting

We have improved our Syslog formatting in v8.1 to support the RFC 5424 standard so to better accommodate applications that need to consume audit data. And we have integrated the ability to push all meaningful auditing data, alerts, and attribution data from adaptive authentication. This provides a better detection capability for our customers who chose to correlate their authentication data with SIEM solutions.

Updated Mobile Applications

In conjunction with this release, you’ll also see new and improved mobile apps for both iOS and Android on their corresponding stores. New features include a refreshed interface for improves usability and support for multiple OATH Seeds. Check them out on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Other enhancements include support for:

  • Windows Azure AD and Oracle DB 11.2 and 12.1
  • SAML 2.0 consumption
  • SAML consumption from multiple IdP’s
  • Multiple OATH seeds – enabling distinct OATH seed for each mobile device
  • Help Desk Password Reset and Account Unlock
  • User Self-Service Account Unlock

We’re excited to bring you this release but rest assured is just one of many you can expect from us in the next 12 months so stay tuned for more news on this blog. If you would like further information on SecureAuth IdP’s 8.1 release reference our product release notes found at

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