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SecureAuth Launches IdP 8.0

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest release, SecureAuth IdP 8.0, the first and only complete access control solution.

Alongside our award-winning and patented 2-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on, we have now included risk-based authentication with risk analysis. With this feature, IdP can analyze user and device behavior, set limitations, and automate responses to mitigate attacks.

By strategically placing the analysis piece between the mapping of identities and the authentication of identities, IdP is the only product that can assess the login attempt and then automatically redirect the user to 2-Factor Authentication if the attempt is suspicious.

A component of our risk analysis is Norse’s DarkViking product, which employs threat intelligence to weed out cybercriminals during login attempts. IdP receives a score from Norse, which is then compared to the organization’s risk threshold. If the score is too high, then the enterprise can determine the next move (2-Factor Authentication, URL Redirection, or Hard Stop).

This automated response addition to risk analysis is the missing piece in access control solutions. Now, if the analysis is alerting admins of apprehensive behavior, they no longer need to find the cause and fix the problem before they are attacked; IdP requires 2-Factor Authentication or stops them immediately from advancing further automatically.

Also in IdP 8.0

IdP Configurator – visual configurator that makes customizing IdP even easier

Transformation Engine – on-the-fly post-authentication attribute transformation Account Provisioning and Synchronization – account management from the local databases that provision and synch information to the cloud

2-Factor Login for Windows – Log into Windows desktops and servers and unlock the system with 2-Factor Authentication

Learn more about SecureAuth IdP 8.0 with solution briefs, demo videos, and more here.

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