A New Chapter Unfolds: SecureAuth Announces Acquisition of Cloudentity

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The Reckoning is here for Traditional MFA, as it’s not enough for cyber insurance compliance. Did you know that the most popular methods of MFA (like OTP and push to email / text) are easily hacked and are grounds for higher premiums and non-renewals?

Everyone knows that MFA provides better protection against hackers than just SSO and 2FA alone. But even when cyber insurance requires organizations to use MFA, few have done so as it results in poor user experience and increased MFA bombing attacks.

Join this thought leadership cybercast to learn how invisible MFA, powered by a risk-based continuous authentication platform, is the superior way to both secure your enterprise and exceed compliance for cyber insurance and ZTA.

Viewers will learn:

  • Why popular MFA methodologies are not allowed by federal agencies and regulated industries like energy and financial services.
  • Why public companies may face cyber insurance coverage gaps due to a recent SEC ruling.
  • Customer best practices on how to deploy invisible MFA to attain the highest user adoption rate and maximize insurance coverage.


Donovan Blaylock
Sr. Director of Solutions

Bradley Barth

Bradley Barth
Director of Community Content
CyberRisk Alliance

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