SecureAuth Named a Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for Customer Identity and Access Management
SecureAuth CIAM Retail

Enhance Customer Experience and Increase Revenue

87% of consumers find the retail checkout process a major friction point, causing 70% to abandon their carts. SecureAuth’s identity and authorization solution enables friction-free user adoption without needing new apps, developer work, or reinstallation. Our cloud-first platform offers fine-grain intelligent authorization with flexible deployment options: cloud, hybrid, on-premise, and edge – and a low total cost of ownership. 

SecureAuth leverages detailed consumer data like trusted devices, recent authentication, network changes, and app updates to dynamically adjust the customer journey. This minimizes security constraints such as MFA or data collection until necessary, allowing customers to do more, spend more, and register efficiently while maintaining privacy and reducing friction. 

Remove barriers to business with:


Transactional Authorization

Fine-grain access control at a transactional level creates the ability to more stringently authorize high dollar value actions during the checkout process.


Consent Management and Authorization

SecureAuth adds additional context from fraud engines, existing entitlement stores, and other cybersecurity solutions to intelligently orchestrate the customer journey without changes to the application code.


Open Standards Solution

Built leveraging “Open Standards” technology, SecureAuth is easily adoptable by Business, DevOps, and Security teams. Technologies include OAuth, OIDC, SPIFFE, and OPA.


Integrate with Existing IDP and Data Sources

Use context from any IDP, token, database, or security solution for dynamic authorization with SAML and OIDC tokens plus REST, SCIM, LDAP, SQL, NoSQL, or GraphQL data stores.

Deliver a best-in-class experience without compromise by:


Enabling Fraud Protection

Leverage user data to dynamically create the optimal customer journey, resulting in lower fraud rates and increased customer retention.


Reducing Consumer Friction

Smoother checkout process, addressing common friction points that cause cart abandonment.


Easily Bringing On New APIs

Reduce the complexity of integrating new APIs with a standards-based approach that facilitates ease of adoption and implementation.

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