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Year over year increases in the breadth and depth of cyberattacks coupled with ever growing concerns surrounding insider threats have governmental agencies looking to strengthen security policies and controls. Public sector entities are scrambling to adapt and comply with the White House’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP), which calls for the modernization of government IT and a transformation of how public sector agencies manage cybersecurity. A proposal of $3.1 billion is allocated to help agencies upgrade, retire, replace, and/or modernize legacy systems that are difficult to secure and expensive to maintain. Now is the time to re-evaluate and adapt to the new cyber threat landscape. 

Key Drivers in the Public Sector:

  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and State-Sponsored Attacks – Beyond the never-ending barrage of coordinated attacks at the network and end point level, bad actors are now coordinating highly sophisticated identity attacks. Compromised credentials are an increasingly popular attack vector, and there are expanding examples of two-factor authentication (2FA) being compromised as well. Are you sure your authentication is strong enough? 

  • Regulatory & Compliance – Identity mandates and recommendations are only increasing with FIPS 140.2, NIST 800-63.3, CNAP and others looming. Is your current solution flexible enough to meet every demand for identity and authenticator assurance levels – now and in the future?

  • Cloud First Initiatives – As the world moves toward a Cloud First or Could Forward strategy, so too does government. On premises versus Cloud - the answer is rarely binary and is often a hybrid strategy instead. Does your current approach enable both?

  • CAC/PIV-C Phasing Out – Under pressure to increase agility and accuracy while decreasing costs, agencies are seeking to replace expensive and inflexible Common Access Cards (CAC) and Personal Identity Validation Cards (PIV-C) in favor of true multi-factor authentication using advanced behavioral biometrics to ensure identity and access. Are you ready for this new reality?

  • Central & Consolidated Governance – Agencies have too many pockets of varying and limited identity security products. Budgets are not big enough nor are there enough administrators to manage these disparate solutions across an entire agency. Wouldn’t it be nice to centralize and consolidate to make life easier?

  • Unburden the User Experience – Creating frictionless access for all parties without shackling everyone with a “one-size-fits-all” authentication workflow means you need a way to offer flexibility and infinite workflows to accommodate different access levels for various user types. Can your existing identity solution handle these demands? 

SecureAuth for Public Sector

You are facing rapid changes to your identity security status quo. You need a proven and flexible centralized adaptive authentication and access control solution to comply with new demands, regulations and mandates. SecureAuth does what no other identity and access control solution can do:

  • Adds strong and risk-based adaptive authentication techniques in front of single sign-on (SSO) to ensure identities with confidence

  • Delivers the most comprehensive pre-authentication risk assessment – including advanced behavioral biometrics – in a fraction of a second, to ensure no one gets in who shouldn’t; renders compromised credentials completely worthless 

  • Provides continuous monitoring of users accessing particular systems to know if their behavior deviates from their profiled norm, protecting and detecting from insider threats 

  • Enables an infinite number of workflows to accommodate access for all groups of users (Administration, agency, inter-departmental, contractor, 3rd-party entity, etc.) as well as roles within those groups (e.g. Executive, Management, front line, etc.)

  • Offers a hybrid approach – deploy on premises, in the cloud (IDaaS), or both while making your existing investments better.

Use SecureAuth to:

  • Improve user experience so that identity security is no longer an impediment to productivity – 
    • Situationally step up/step down authentication – automatically – based on risk level
    • Offer Single Sign On (SSO) convenience with strong authentication and access controls
    • Provide User Self-Service (e.g. Password Reset, Account Unlocking, Enrollment)
  • Centralize and consolidate identity security and management through our extensive integrations and standards support so users have a consistent and pain free encounter with applications and resources while significantly reducing the cost and burden to IT and security teams

  • Go beyond basic two-factor authentication to secure access utilizing fully adaptive authentication with six layers of pre-authentication risk checks including device ID, Threat Services, geo-location, geo-velocity, directory look-up and behavioral biometrics, which determine additional security steps if suspicious activity is detected 

  • Enjoy a system that adapts to your reality instead of you having to adapt to it

  • Provide audit trails for identity activities and correlate suspicious activities with other security data (e.g. SIEM and UBA solutions) to reduce detection time and accelerate remediation

  • Meet compliance and mandate requirements now and in the future – CNAP or OMB mandates, NIST 800-63.3, FIPS 140.2

  • Augment or replace existing identity and access solutions in days or weeks, not months or years

Case in Point:

  1. Met civilian agency requirement to provide employees at headquarters and externally-facing customers multi-factor authentication to commercial cloud solution 

  2. Enabled a defense customer to support coalition partners outside the trusted enclave 

  3. Empowered large federal system integrator the ability to build on-premises agency solutions inheriting CAC/PIV mandates without backend infrastructure 

SecureAuth – Protect and detect public sector identities with confidence.

82% of surveyed Government customers purchased SecureAuth IdP to meet compliance regulations​.


SecureAuth IdP gives us a nice sense of security. I no longer have to worry as much about accounts getting hacked.​

State & Local Government, IT Director via TechValidate

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