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A retail company’s world has never been more complicated or fraught with risk. More than most industries, retailers have to dynamically and fluidly deal with identity access and security risk – with professional, hourly and seasonal employees, with an ever-changing global network of suppliers, and with increasingly fickle and demanding consumers. You can’t afford to have security slow down business for any of your constituencies, but you can’t afford to cut any corners because retail breaches become front page news. You wonder if two-factor authentication is enough and you struggle with being able to have different security paths and levels of access for different groups and people. Your situation is complicated. Good thing the answer isn’t.


Key Drivers in Retail:

  • Employee access – The single greatest threat to security are the retailer’s employees - especially the ones on the front lines; different groups of employees have different access needs

  • Third-Party risk – The majority of recent high profile retail breaches were the result of cracks in supplier security. A multitude of suppliers with varying levels of sophistication and security vigilance creates exponential vulnerabilities.

  • Customer experience – Savvy, impatient consumers expect crisp, clean, branded authentication that doesn’t get in the way of their buying experience.

  • Speed – The move in retail towards Cloud First or Cloud Forward is adding pressure to outsource as much as possible so that internal resources can focus on more important things than maintaining infrastructure, systems and apps.

  • Compliance – Government scrutiny, especially surrounding protecting personally identifiable information (PII), is tightening and compliance to mandates like PCI-DSS, SOX and more are only expanding.

SecureAuth is used to protect sensitive data both internally and externally to our network. SecureAuth is also leveraged to protect systems/applications used around the world by both our corporate and retail employees.

Michael DeLay – IT Manager
Starbucks Corporation

SecureAuth for Retail

For the first time, you can have a completely branded experience everyone will love while not having to sacrifice any identity protection. SecureAuth’s revolutionary adaptive access control capabilities do what no other solution can:

  • Meets the need for rudimentary two-factor authentication but goes far beyond with near real-time pre-authentication risk assessment, as well as continuous monitoring of suspicious activities and threat vectors

  • Renders lost or stolen credentials worthless to bad actors 

  • Provides the flexibility to create and accommodate access workflows for all groups (online customers, employees, 3rd party suppliers and vendors) as well as roles within those groups (executive, management, front line, contractor, seasonal, remote, member, whitelisted etc.)    

  • Delivers an integrated single sign-on (SSO) solution with strong authentication in front – an industry first; no other solution goes further to minimize exposure to risk while increasing convenience

  • Offers User Self Service capabilities to enable self-enrollment, password reset and more to accelerate onboarding and remediation, while also significantly reducing Help Desk burden

  • Ensures PCI-DSS compliance and provides continuous awareness from sign-in to log-out to spot malicious activity and provide an audit trail of all access

  • Integrates across all systems and infrastructures with a pain-free, standards-based approach that installs in hours or days instead of weeks or months

Use SecureAuth to:

  • Improve customer experience so that identity security is no longer an impediment to better business – step up/step down security situationally, offer secure Single Sign On (SSO) and User Self-Service (including Password Resets, account unlocking, enrollments, and more…)

  • Secure your online customer access – using more than 25+ multi-factor methods, layering on industry-leading pre-authentication risk checks and having the flexibility to add evolving methods as they become accepted

  • Flag bad actors attempting to access your systems and resources from bad IP addresses and anonymous proxies (such as TOR), and protect against those who even have valid, yet compromised, credentials

  • Mitigate supplier risk by offering modern and adaptive authentication mechanisms that don’t slow them down

  • Centralize and consolidate security to all protected systems from VPN, to on premise, cloud, mobile, and even homegrown applications

  • Solve once and comply always knowing SecureAuth will always keep you ahead of the next regulation or compliance mandate.

Retail is frenetic and constantly adapting. You need a solution that is flexible enough to adapt with your ever-changing world. Only SecureAuth can.

SecureAuth – The New Adaptive Solution for Retail.

SecureAuth IdP has revolutionized how we secure employee credentials, saving our organization time, money, and allowing me to sleep at night knowing our apps and data are safe.

Jim McGuin – Senior IT Architect
Michaels, Inc.

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