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Summary of Updates to SecureAuth Privacy Notices

Data Privacy Framework Statement

Summary of updates from October 9, 2023

We have updated our Privacy Shield Privacy Notice to comply with the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (EU‑U.S. DPF) and the Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (Swiss-U.S. DPF) as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The changes compared to the version from January 31, 2023, are outlined below.

Key Changes:

  1. We have updated our Notice to refer instead to the “EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework Principles” and the “Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework”, in accordance with Article 6, paragraph e. of the Data Privacy Framework Supplemental Principles.
  2. We have updated the title of the Privacy Shield Privacy Notice to “Data Privacy Framework Statement”, to align the vocabulary with the new Framework.
  3. We have updated the SecureAuth postal mail.

Contact us:

If you have any questions or concerns about our Data Privacy Policies or how we process your personal data, please reach out to us. You can:

  • Contact Paul Kincaid, our Data Privacy Officer, by email at privacy@secureauth.com
  • Call us on 1-866-859-1526, or
  • Reach us by postal mail at:
    SecureAuth Corporation
    49 Discovery Suite 220
    Irvine CA 92618
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