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Return On Access Control Investment.

SecureAuth delivers major dividends for Financial Services


Financial Services, including retail banks, hedge and private equity fund managers have blazed the trail to better security and authentication in the 2000s. With so much at stake, it was essential. Now, they find themselves challenged to stay ahead. RSA and others have lost their innovative edge and feel more like rigid nooses than true adaptable solutions (some are being sunset altogether). Deep legacy integrations that were state of the art are now stifling business requirements and customer experience. And on the other end of the spectrum, two-factor authentication, while being a start, is woefully underpowered against today’s ever-evolving and sophisticated threats. It’s time for a more intelligent, modern approach.

Key Drivers in Financial Services

  • Customer Experience – Nobody likes anything coming between them and their money. Making users jump through unnecessary hoops because your systems aren’t flexible increases frustration and erodes loyalty. Because of rampant identity theft and a growing feeling that PII may no longer be reliable for authentication, the leaders in the industry are moving toward passwordless altogether. Are you?
  • Compliance – Meeting government mandates like PCI-DSS, GLBA, FFIEC, SOX and more is par for the course in a highly regulated industry. Compliance isn’t slowing down. Are you sure your existing identity security solution can keep up?
  • Secure Mobile payments, if done right represent a revenue growth driver and a competitive differentiator

SecureAuth for Financial Services

For the first time, you no longer have to trade-off between security and user experience. SecureAuth’s footprint in Financial Services is growing exponentially because our revolutionary Adaptive Authentication platform does what no other solution can:

  1. Renders stolen credentials completely worthless to bad actors
  2. Delivers the most-comprehensive pre-authentication risk assessment in a fraction of a second to ensure no one gets in who shouldn’t
  3. Provides an infinitely adaptable number of workflows to accommodate all groups of users (customers, employees, 3rd parties) as well as roles within those groups (e.g. executive, management, front line)
  4. Offers a hybrid approach – on prem or in the Cloud, while making your existing investments better

Use SecureAuth to:

  • Improve customer experience so that identity security is no longer an impediment to better business – situationally step up/step down security, offer Secured Single Sign On (SSO) and User Self-Service (e.g. Password Reset, Account Unlocking, Enrollment)
  • Secure your online customer access – offering more than 25 multi-factors, layering industry-leading pre-authentication risk checks and having the flexibility to add evolving methods as they become accepted
  • Stop bad actors and risky IP addresses (e.g TOR) in their tracks
  • Centralize security work flows to all protected systems
  • Continuously monitor and provide audit trails for all individual activities from the moment a user logs in until they log off
  • Solve once and comply, always knowing SecureAuth will keep you ahead of the next regulation or compliance mandate

We reduced dependence on multiple methods of authentication and management of so many applications.


-Senior IT Architect
S&P 500 Financial Services Company

We were able to easily introduce multi-factor authentication without major end user impact.


-Wojtek Cieslik – CIO
Delphi Capital Mangement, INC

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