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Benefits of Arculix
Access and Authentication Platform

Enables Zero Trust Initiatives

Reduce account takeover (ATO) and other IAM breaches using smart MFA.

Leverage Actionable Threat Intel

Stay ahead of identity hackers with real-time threat intelligence.

Increase User Productivity

Increase user productivity, adoption, and engagement with zero password reset issues.

Reduce Cost of Operations

Reduce help desk calls for password resets and simplify policy creation for your complex environment.

Integrate and Scale Efficiently

Provide scalability and visibility for all applications, FIDO servers, Mobile SDKs, and REST APIs.

Arculix Platform Capabilities

The Arculix capabilities below all work together provide your organization with the most secure solution while achieving a frictionless experience for end users.

Arculix Universal Authentication Fabric

Arculix Adaptive and Continuous Authentication

Arculix Risk Engine

Arculix Intelligent Multi-Factor Authentication

Arculix Passwordless Authentication

Arculix Device Trust

Arculix Mobile

Arculix Mobile SDK

Arculix Integrations

Arculix integrates with top cloud service providers, web applications and VPN for remote access. Easily add additional layers of security to your enterprise with Arculix’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) and extend the value of your current enterprise Identity Access Management (IAM).

Acceptto Integrations


Our product name, Arculix [pronounced AR-Q-LIX], is derived from Arculus, the Roman God of strongboxes, and helix, as we use each user’s unique digital DNA to continuously authenticate. Arculix embodies all aspects of the SecureAuth brand identity, including strength, support, and innovation.

State of Authentication Report 2023

Survey results from 285 IT & Security professionals on the latest MFA, passwordless, and device trust trends

2023 State of Authentication Report

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