SecureAuth Named a Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for Customer Identity and Access Management

SecureAuth Access Management & Authentication Delivers:

SecureAuth Product Overview

Strengthened security to your existing SSO to mitigate the latest cyber attacks

Ability to eliminate all MFA vulnerabilities in your enterprise

Flexible authentication and MFA workflows for a simple path to passwordless and strengthened security

Deployment freedom to meet your heterogenous environment needs: on prem, hybrid, or cloud

Over 30 phishing-resistant MFA options including Passkeys, Symbol to Accept, YubiKey, etc.

The most robust adaptive and continuous authentication 3rd party risk checks in the industry

Device Trust to best secure legacy apps and remote workers

Compliance for ZTA and cyber insurance requirements

Modern Authentication Challenges Require a New Approach

Enjoy the benefits below when using SecureAuth’s best of breed approach to authentication.

Get Compliant for Cyber Insurance & ZTA

Attain the most comprehensive cyber insurance coverage with the lowest premiums and no policy exclusions.

Strengthen SSO Security

Mitigate the latest cyber-attacks by adding SecureAuth to your existing SSO solution. Secure legacy apps that span both Mac and PC devices as well as remote and third-party users.

Attain a Frictionless User Experience

Go passwordless for seamless logins, improved efficiency, and delighted users.

Eliminate MFA Vulnerabilities

Replace vulnerable MFA methods like TOTP with Passkeys and other FIDO-2 approved options.

Leverage Actionable Threat Intel

Increase security without impacting users with more authentication risk checks than any other vendor. We integrate with several 3rd-party threat intelligence services.

Quick Time to Value

Deploy SecureAuth to reduce call center costs, MFA prompts, and credential level breaches.

Increase User Productivity

Increase user productivity, adoption, and engagement with zero password reset issues.

Enable Zero Trust Initiatives

Reduce account takeover (ATO) and other IAM breaches using invisible MFA powered by risk-based authentication.

Optimize Existing Security Investments

Maximize your IT and security stack investments with our standards-based architecture and orchestration capabilities.

SecureAuth Platform Capabilities

All the capabilities below are purpose-built for authentication and work together to provide your organization with the most secure and frictionless solution.

Continuous Authentication

Invisible MFA

Device Trust



Identity Orchestration

Risk Engine


Mobile SDK

Universal Authentication Fabric


Adaptive Authentication

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Realize significant cost savings from implementing a risk-based continuous authentication solution

Cyber Insurance eBook

Cyber Insurance eBook

Traditional MFA Not Enough for Cyber Insurance Compliance

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