What is SecureAuth’s Risk Engine?

SecureAuth’s patented Risk Engine is the heart of our technology platform and provides the most accurate scores in the industry.

Leveraging AI / ML, the risk engine monitors hundreds of variables to calculate whether an access attempt is legitimate or not by tracking user and device posture pre-authentication, during authentication and post-authorization.

The game-changing approach to authentication is your best weapon against the latest cyber threats.

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Why is Behavioral Modeling Critical to Identity Security?

SecureAuth’s Risk Engine continuously leverages intelligence from the broadest range of sources including dozens of contextual and behavioral signals such as user location, user device, login velocity, browsers, cell phone network or ISP into the user profile engine to maintain an accurate user behavior profile.

Only SecureAuth combines and analyzes data from all these sources to truly determine identity.

Step-Up Authentication When Users Engages in Higher-Risk Activities

Workforce Identity

An employee could be called upon to reauthenticate if something changes in their behavior (i.e., they suddenly leave the building with their phone, laptop or other personal devices).

Customer Identity

A customer can shop online all day but must authenticate their identity once they purchase any of the items in their shopping cart.

Deliver an Unmatched Security Risk Posture

Eliminate MFA Bombing/Flooding Attacks resulting from MFA Fatigue

Security authenticators define normal behavioral patterns for the user so fewer threat checks need to be defined. Leverage behavioral analytics and environmental context to simplify policies.

After initial authentication, these measures will be used on a continuous basis to reevaluate the user’s behavior to determine if there has been enough change to warrant a step-up request. Such adaptive and continuous risk checks improve security.

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Delight Users with a Frictionless Experience

Based on a risk score computed by our proprietary AI/ML algorithms, a dynamic level of assurance (DLOA) is computed.

Our approach automatically finds the optimal policy for each transaction to maximize security while minimizing friction for the user with machine learning and AI analytics.

This provides a smoother user experience without sacrificing secure authentication.

Wield Friction When Needed

The Dynamic Level of Assurance (DLOA), which is based on NIST standards, can also be used to increase friction (i.e. step-authentication) for the user based on their behavior and access level to various data in your enterprise.

The SecureAuth Risk Engine responds in real-time to potential risks with appropriate adaptive and continuous measures. Generate granular user risk profiles to drive individualized adaptive and continuous authentication.

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Strengthen Risk Posture

Connect to 3rd party threat intelligence solutions for a comprehensive risk score. These include PAM, SIEM, IGA, and UEBA to enhance risk analysis and improve your security posture with even stronger risk scoring.

Passwordless Continuous Authentication ROI Calculator

Realize significant cost savings from implementing a risk-based continuous authentication solution

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