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Benefits of Single Sign-On


Better Security

By making several resources accessible to end users with just one set of login credentials, you can reduce the volume of passwords and credentials while increasing their strength overall.

Customer Service

Improved User Satisfaction

SSO gives your users the ability to log in just one time and be granted seamless access to all the right apps. You now deliver the experience your users expect while strengthening security.

Lower IT Costs

A high volume of credentials across cloud apps and on-prem networks means more password reset requests and greater security risks. SSO reduces the volume of password reset calls, lowering the cost of user admin and potential data breaches.

Arculix SSO

Streamline Access Without Compromising Security

Reduce password fatigue and improve identity security for your organization with a robust access management solution that simplifies the authentication process.

Improve User Habits and Behavior

Single Sign-On enables users to quickly access multiple resources in one platform so users only need to remember one set of password credentials.

No longer will users need to write down, repeat, or utilize easy to compromise credentials improving enterprise security.

Arculix SSO
Arculix SSO

Simplify Access and IT Experience

The average enterprise uses over 1,000 cloud services everyday creating challenges and risk for the organization.

A Single Sign-On platform is a management solution for enterprises to improve security risks for user data, enhance the user experience, and streamline IT management and login processes.

Reduce Help Desk Costs

Remove the burden for your help desk team by enabling your users to quickly access multiple resources with a single set of login credentials reducing overhead related to password resets.

Arculix SSO

State of Authentication Report 2023

Survey results from 285 IT & Security professionals on the latest MFA, passwordless, and device trust trends

2023 State of Authentication Report

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