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Streamline User Journeys

Via a no-code experience, Identity Orchestration makes it easier to design the digital user journeys across multiple applications and heterogeneous environments.

From registration to authentication, risk monitoring, and fraud detection, Identity Orchestration allows you to create flows from your existing security stack that guide users through defined tasks.

Identity Orchestration Sequencing
Identity Orchestration

No-Code Customization for User Experiences

From a single drag/drop UI, admins can easily create customized user journeys that span the entire identity lifecycle. Identity Orchestration makes it easier than ever before to design, test, and customize your organization’s desired end-user experience.

For example, you can customize registration and enrollment processes including user MFA flows and factors.

See Orchestration in Action: Video

Watch this 2.5 min video on how you can use orchestration to set up specific MFA workflows. Based on the level of risk assurance, the end user will experience a different login journey.

Benefits of Orchestration

Optimize investment

Optimize Investments

Ensure all your security products are being used to their maximum efficiency with Identity Orchestration. Dynamic workflows trigger specified automated actions across all applications that were once siloed processes. Improve productivity and product usage. Easily configure custom connections and/or leverage a library of pre-built connectors.

Examples: Use 3rd-party threat services to leverage risk scores, leverage MDM like Intune and JAMF to check endpoint protection, verify accounts with Salesforce or HR systems, and leverage identity proofing products to verify during registration.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

Integrate all your applications, regardless of vendor, to eliminate dependency on one solution. Proprietary systems force organizations to work in silos, which require custom coding to integrate solutions. Identity orchestration provides the ability to navigate multi-vendor and multi-app technologies so that you can focus on your users.

For example, you can integrate with any fully featured identity proofing solution to avoid vendor lock-in for both workforce employees and consumers.


Attain a Frictionless Experience

Eliminate disjointed user experiences caused by multiple, siloed identity systems. Identity orchestration automates the handoffs and decisions between identity tools so users can have frictionless experiences.

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