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The SecureAuth® Identity Platform provides the most secure, flexible and adaptable identity and access management solution in the market with the broadest set of features available across hybrid, on-prem, and cloud deployments.

Credit Interlink
Credit Interlink needed to ensure that its over 7,000 users had seamless, secure 24/7 access to its web portal while meeting compliance regulations and reducing operating costs. Learn how SecureAuth’s access management solution delivered on this.
Scripps Health
At Scripps Health, physicians need to be able to approve controlled substance prescriptions as fast as possible. Learn how SecureAuth’s access management solution helps them do that in under five seconds.
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University of New Hampshire
The University of New Hampshire needed a unified user experience for over 26,000 users, and they turned to SecureAuth’s access management solution for help. Learn how their environment, as well as their processes, have been transformed.
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Bright Horizons
Bright Horizons needed an access management solution that would provide unified and secure single sign-on to all applications. Their goals included enhancing user experience, increasing user productivity and lowering costs. Learn how SecureAuth’s access management solution helped them to achieve this.
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Unisys Case Study
Unisys needed a multi-factor authentication access management solution with a seamless user experience for their 25,000 global users. Learn how SecureAuth’s access management solution delivered on this need.
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City of New Orleans Case Study
The City of New Orleans needed an access management solution that could satisfy multiple vertical needs, as well as compliance regulations for over 250,000 users. Learn how SecureAuth IdP was the only solution able to deliver on this.
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“Like most organizations, we were facing the growing challenge of account takeover activity targeted towards our employees. We had a need to secure employee identity without introducing additional friction to the business user experience. SecureAuth allowed us to add much needed security to our organization, and not only did it prevent unnecessary user friction points but in many cases it reduced them.”


Bass Pro Shops

“Using SecureAuth’s access management solution, we were able to provide a unified multi-factor authentication across all our applications and uses cases while delivering a secure and seamless user experience for our 25,000 global users”

Information Security Architect


“The end users love the new system. When they’re on premise, they don’t even have to be prompted for their credentials, however if they take that same device off network, they’re automatically prompted for credentials. It’s really a nice solution and a lot of time people don’t even realize they are using adaptive authentication”

Server Engineering

Houston Methodist Hospital

“SecureAuth is used to protect sensitive data both internally and externally to our network. SecureAuth is also leveraged to protect systems/applications used around the world by both our corporate and retail employees.”

IT Manager


“SecureAuth has revolutionized how we secure employee credentials, saving our organization time, money, and allowing me to sleep at night knowing our apps and data are safe.”

Senior IT Manager


“Our ROI period was 3 months. That’s tangible return on investment. SecureAuth has provided us exemplary customer service. It is absolutely no overstatement to say that SecureAuth has gone above and beyond what we signed up for. I would refer SecureAuth without any hesitation.”


Bright Horizons

“With a little bit of research it was obvious that SecureAuth was one of the best identity providers at the time. We still believe it is!”

Head of IT

Stevens & Bolton

“Fantastic engagement and support. Absolutely first class and the best I have experienced.”

“Our physicians needed to be able to approve electronic prescriptions of controlled substances in seconds, both safely and securely. We turned to SecureAuth’s identity and access management solution to help us achieve this in under five seconds.”

Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture

Scripps Health

“The University of New Hampshire selected SecureAuth’s access management solution to provide their over 26,000 users a secure unified user experience, reducing their time-to-live from a few months to a few weeks.”

IAM Manager

University of New Hampshire

Identity Security Without Compromise

SecureAuth Identity Platform Adaptative Authentication

Identity and Access Management

Empower your digital initiatives with secure access for everyone and everything connecting to your business

Product Features

Adaptive Authentication

Extend verification of a user identity with contextual risk checks

Multi-Factor Authentication

Leverage a broad portfolio of authentication factors for desktop and mobile

Intelligent Risk Engine

Protect your identities with advanced risk profiling analytics

Single Sign-On

Provide app discovery and one-click login through portal or desktop SSO

User Lifecycle Management

Enable admins with strong CRUD capabilities and users with self-service tools

Secure All Identities


Customer Identities

Deliver a frictionless customer experience safeguarding user data and privacy


Workforce Identities

Govern and control access rights for employees, partners, and contractors

Moving Beyond Passwords

Learn how passwords alone no longer provide the appropriate level of protection, nor confidence, required to secure valuable resources


Passwordless Authentication

Reduce the risk of breaches by eliminating passwords

2FA is Not Enough

Block popular phishing and brute force attacks used by bad actors

Protecting Office 365

Extend adaptive authentication and flexible MFA to all apps including Office 365

Securing Portals and Web Apps

Balance strong security and an exceptional user experience

RSA Migration

Transition to a modern identity and access management solution



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