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Continuous Authentication:  Balancing Friction with Security

For too long, enterprise leaders have been forced to choose between two extremes: authentication systems with scores of passwords across different components vs. allowing unfettered access using a single password for all systems resulting in poor security.

By viewing authentication as a continuum, Arculix has set a new standard in the industry.  Our AI / ML approach utilizes context and behavior to create an enriched user profile within each application landscape, negating the need for vulnerable and costly passwords. It’s about making the user’s entire digital journey frictionless and secure.

Every Authentication is Assigned a Risk Score

Each time someone tries to authenticate, the request is evaluated and assigned a risk score. Depending on the risk score, the user may be required to provide additional authentication through MFA. 

Adaptive and Continuous Authentication

Continuously Authenticate the Digital Journey of the User

Continuous authentication confirms the identity of a user on an ongoing basis rather than making a single authentication check at login.

Step-Up Authentication When Necessary

Depending on the type of application the user is trying to access, the authentication policy can switch to a step-up authentication.  

The step-up authentication requires that when users try to access more sensitive information, they’re prompted for further authorization.

Arculix Layers

Continuous Authentication

An Extension of Adaptive Authentication

Risk-based continuous authentication confirms the identity of a user on an ongoing basis rather than making a single authentication check at login. 

Access Apps Frictionlessly

If there’s nothing anomalous about the user’s behavior, they should be able to access all the applications from their device, or through the browser, smoothly and frictionlessly.

Maximize User Experience without Compromising Security

Reduce the number of steps and interactions people are forced to go through to maximize their user experience without compromising security.

Giving the Right Users the Right Access

Dropping passwords and relying on context policy and analytics delivers the right user the right access to the right resources at the right time for the right reasons.

State of Authentication Report 2023

Survey results from 285 IT & Security professionals on the latest MFA, passwordless, and device trust trends

2023 State of Authentication Report

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