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What is SecureAuth Mobile?

SecureAuth Mobile is an OS /Android authenticator app that verifies and authenticates all users with Invisible MFA to authorize access to applications in real-time, anywhere. With our security keys or biometric options, you can authenticate access even when offline.

Facilitate analysis of logins and transactions with our Passwordless Continuous Authentication™ platform.

Only SecureAuth combines and analyzes data from mobile devices, workstations, and browser fingerprints to truly determine identity.

Circle of Trust
Arculix Passwordless

Why Mobile Security / Device Trust is Critical to Identity Security

The Federal Government mandates that all their agencies must have at least 1 device-level signal alongside identity info about the user. Such mandates will soon be adopted by all verticals.

With SecureAuth Mobile and Device Trust, you are exceeding this mandate as we detect signals from both the workstation and mobile device throughout the user journey, including post authorization.

How Does Authentication Security Work Without Mobile Phones?

For enterprises who don’t want to use personal phones for authentication security, we ask you: Are you willing to sacrifice your company brand, security, and financial losses? Most often, the answer is no and you may want to mandate the use of personal phones, as they are also required for Passkeys.

SecureAuth can also offer mobile phones for corporate use (can build such requests into the pricing).

If mobile phones are still a hard no, then there are other MFA methods to use for a device signal, like YubiKeys. SecureAuth can support many authentication factors based on the customer’s needs.

Passkey Alternatives
Device Trust

Multiple Users. One Workstation. All Possible with SecureAuth Mobile.

By using SecureAuth Mobile and Device Trust, enterprises can have more than 1 user per workstation. Each user on that workstation will be asked to pair with a SecureAuth Mobile account so every authentication instance is tracked by user with the appropriate risk score.

This use case is particularly valuable to our financial customers who often have rotating employees at the same workstation throughout the week.

Use Phishing-Resistant MFA Methods

SecureAuth supports over 30 MFA methods and any additional phishing-resistant methods that are FIDO2-approved. By putting you in charge, SecureAuth prevents hackers from stealing identities and accessing accounts and sensitive data.


Passwordless ready

SecureAuth Mobile provides a strong factor bound to a device in the user’s possession (“something you have”). The smartphone can act as a factor/password in passwordless login flows in various CIAM or workforce situations.

Unlock Detection

When a user disables the phone lock, SecureAuth Mobile will stop showing codes for all SecureAuth accounts until the phone lock is re-enabled.

Works in Offline Mode

The smartphone will not receive push notifications when the user is offline, but the SecureAuth Mobile app still generates one-time passcodes.  This is the only time OTP are considered safe to use, as they are considered a traditional MFA method. The user can use these OTP codes to login to MFA-protected Windows PC.


Arculix Mobile performs device binding to the user profile to prevent unauthorized app cloning. The Arculix Mobile app provides OTP seed protection using a secure enclave.

Jailbreak detection

If a user installs SecureAuth Mobile on a jailbroken or rooted phone, SecureAuth will detect the occurrence and will not allow the user to set up a SecureAuth account.

MFA Enrollment

2 MFA setup methods are available to SecureAuth Mobile users

Users can self-enroll during the initial login process

Users can self-enroll using a special enrollment link

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Realize significant cost savings from implementing a risk-based continuous authentication solution

Cyber Insurance eBook

Cyber Insurance eBook

Traditional MFA Not Enough for Cyber Insurance Compliance

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