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Arculix Mobile Features

Arculix Mobile enables MFA methods like push notification or verification code (SMS, TOTP, email, etc.).

With our timed based one-time password (TOTP), security key, or biometric options, you can authenticate access even when offline.

Facilitate analysis of logins and transactions with our Passwordless Continuous Authentication™ platform.

Arculix Passwordless

By Putting You in Charge, Arculix Prevents Hackers from Stealing Identities, and Accessing Accounts and Data


Passwordless ready

Arculix Mobile provides a strong factor bound to a device in the user’s possession (“something you have”). The smartphone can act as a factor/password in passwordless login flows in various CIAM or workforce situations.

PIN protection

For an additional layer of security, a user must enter a 4- or 8-digit PIN to view an Arculix Mobile app passcode. Users can create this PIN during the enrollment process.

Unlock detection

When a user disables the phone lock, SecureAuth Authenticate will stop showing OTP codes for all SecureAuth accounts until the phone lock is re-enabled.

Works in offline mode

The smartphone will not receive push notifications when the user is offline, but the Arculix Mobile app still generates one-time passcodes.  The user can use these OTP codes to login to MFA-protected Windows PC.


Arculix Mobile performs device binding to the user profile to prevent unauthorized app cloning. The Arculix Mobile app provides OTP seed protection using a secure enclave.

Jailbreak detection

If a user installs Arculix Mobile on a jailbroken or rooted phone, Arculix will detect the occurrence and will not allow the user to set up an Arculix account.

Frictionless Mobile Check-In with I’mHere

Patented I’mHere (TM) technology enables Location Based Services (LBS) including: contact tracing, touchless transactions, mobile check-in, hotel room access, Mobile data enrichment and mobile banking.

Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-In

Announce arrival to mobile concierge service including fast track check-in, location access, and upgrades

Location Based Services

Location Based Services

Provide guest loyalty services including instant gratification redemption

Crowd Safety Services

Crowd Safety Services

Crowd early warning services

MFA Enrollment

Two MFA setup methods are available to Arculix Mobile users:

Users can self-enroll during the initial login process

Users can self-enroll using a special enrollment link


Download Arculix Mobile from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Download SecureAuth Authenticate from the Apple App Store

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