SecureAuth Awarded New Patents for Identity Proofing

Security that Minimizes User Disruptions

Step Up or Step Down Authentication

Tailor the login experience to match the security requirements of your apps. Challenge for an additional factor if needed, or skip if trust is high.

SecureAuth Risk Engine

Leverage machine learning SecureAuth Risk Engine for login and user risk analysis to validate each access request

Adaptive Authentication Security that Minimizes User Disruptions

Using SecureAuth’s access management solution, we were able to provide a unified multi-factor authentication across all our applications and use cases while delivering a secure and seamless user experience for our 25,000 global users



Layered Approach to Identity Security.
Uniquely SecureAuth.

Device Recognition

Allow users to auto-enroll their devices/browsers minimizing prompts to re-type their username, password or MFA.

Delight your audience with a great experience especially on a touch screen device.

Adaptive Authentication Device Recognition
Adaptive Authentication Geo-Location Analysis

Geo-Location Analysis

A location anomaly will trigger a step-up MFA request to validate the user identity.

IP Address Validation

Utilize IP address zones to improve security and the user experience.

Set up Accept and Deny IP Lists to simplify authentication for users in trusted zones and reduce security risks coming from suspicious locations.

Adaptive Authentication IP Address Validation
Adaptive Authentication Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Benchmark user behavior to identify suspicious activity increasing protection against potential account compromise.

Stop bad actors or even insider threats exhibiting behaviors such as login attempts at odd hours, a change in login success or failure rates, or attempts to open restricted applications.

Third Party Risk Data

Integrate 3rd party risk assessment tools into your IAM and utilize the analysis as part of the overall authentication risk score for every unique access request.

Leverage the intelligence of existing investments from IGA, SIEM, UEBA, or other tools to improve your security posture and better protect your business.

Adaptive Authentication Integrate Third Party Risk Data

State of Authentication Report 2023

Survey results from 285 IT & Security professionals on the latest MFA, passwordless, and device trust trends

2023 State of Authentication Report

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