What Are Passkeys?

Passkeys are digital credentials that allow users to sign in to apps and websites without entering a username or password. They are stored on a user’s computer or phone and are used to unlock online accounts.

Passkeys are faster, easier to use, and more secure than passwords. They work using public key cryptography. Proof that a user owns the credential is only shown to their online account when they unlock their phone.

SecureAuth Passkey

Passkeys: The Good.

Passkeys are digital keys made up of public-private key pairs. They allow users to authenticate with their device biometrics or local device PIN. Passkeys are easy to use and phishing-resistant.

Passkeys are an important MFA method as they are a more secure alternative to passwords – especially in CIAM use cases. Most importantly, they are an easy replacement for hackable MFA methods like push to text.

Passkeys: The Challenge.

SecureAuth supports a variety of phishing resistant methods of MFA, with passkeys being just one of those options. However, passkeys aren’t fail-proof and can be hacked. That’s why you need at least 2-3 different methods of MFA to secure your enterprise.

Also, passkeys provide a binary approach to authentication. Meaning they don’t offer a continuous authentication approach with an AI/ML based risk-engine that is continuously checking a user’s risk score throughout the user journey. Such a methodology is required to thwart hackers in their relentless search to find vulnerabilities in your enterprise.

SecureAuth Passkeys

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Deploy passkeys with ease

See how easy it is to use passkeys as a phishing-resistant form of MFA in your environment.

Passkeys: One of Many Phishing-Resistant MFA Options

User Convenience

Passkeys offer users a frictionless experience as they no longer need to remember complex passwords or worry about frequent changes. Passkeys also reduce the risk of forgetting or reusing passwords.

Strengthened Security

Passkeys are more difficult to crack than passwords. They rely on unique and immutable biometric data that is difficult to forge or steal. As such, they are resistant to phishing attacks, as passkeys can’t be stolen from your device by a third-party.

Great Step Towards Passwordless

Despite Passkeys still using passwords as a back-up / recovery method, they are a significant step towards eliminating passwords once and for all.

Replace Your Vulnerable MFA Methods with Passkeys

Passkeys are an easy replacement for hackable MFA methods like push to text, push to email, and PINs. SecureAuth offers over 30 phishing-resistant MFA methods and any others that are FIDO2 approved.

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