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Why Phishing-Resistant MFA Matters to Okta Users

Okta CustomersAlphV/BlackCat, Octopus, and Lapsus$ are just the recent Okta breaches that occurred from lack of credential security


YOY increase in MFA Push Attacks


Of MFA solutions are Phishable


Increase your MFA adoption rate with SecureAuth

Benefits of Adding Security to Okta SSO

Continuously secure all apps, users, and devices while providing frictionless passwordless authentication experience.

Vulnerability points

Secure Vulnerable Vectors

  • Replace phishable MFA (e.g. TOTP) with Passkeys or other FIDO2-approved methods 
  • Secure all devices by shifting the root of trust beyond SSO 
  • Secure legacy apps for all Windows / Mac / Linux users

Improve Security

  • Gain a more comprehensive security approach with passwordless continuous authentication via behavioral modeling 
  • Attain real-time risk checks with 3rd party threat services  
  • Increase MFA adoption to 100% thanks to our invisible MFA capabilities

Simplify Security

Leverage Arculix as the master authenticator to provide a single place for audits, ZTA & cyber insurance compliance, and policy creation.

Enable True Passwordless Login

  • Leverage AI/ML driven, behavior based risk engine
  • No password default if biometrics fail 
  • Eliminate ATO and other credential-related breaches

Optimize User Experience

  • Access any file, any application, any VDI from any device without authentication requests after the first passwordless login 
  • Decrease MFA fatigue and exploits by reducing MFA prompts by 75%
User Journey

Attain Security Granularity

Create more context-driven, adaptable login journeys for your diverse B2B / B2C / B2E requirements.

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Don’t be the next Okta breach headline

Learn more on how you can better secure your Okta investment with SecureAuth.

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How it Works: Okta SSO + Arculix

Deploying Arculix is fast and easy. Users download our Device Trust application onto their devices and get directed via federated Okta to the Okta SSO page.

Passwordlessly access your data via VPN or VDI. As authentication is treated as a continuous event with Arculix, users are monitored for numerous risk factors and behaviors throughout their digital journey for comprehensive security and optimal user experience.

Okta SSO + SecureAuth

Why You Should Care

Thwart cyber-attacks that allude Okta.

Before using Arculix, your life is filled with multiple password and MFA prompts – up to 16 per day. AuthN security is siloed and friction-filled throughout the user journey.

After Arculix, you passwordlessly login once and have access to all data for improved security and a frictionless experience. Users are secured pre authentication, during authentication and even post authorization to effectively thwart the latest attacks.

Okta SSO Alone

  • Poor Security
  • High Friction
  • Difficult and siloed deployment
  • 16 Logins / Day
Before Arculix

SecureAuth + Okta SSO

  • Strengthened Security
  • One-time login
  • Frictionless
  • Easy and centralized deployment
  • 75% decrease in MFA prompts
SecureAuth + Microsoft SSO

On-Demand Webinar

IAM Expert Insights

Watch this 7 min webcast on how to best improve your SSO security.

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