Out of the Box Office 365 Authentication
Capabilities are Not Enough

Out of the Box Office 365 Authentication Capabilities are Not Enough

Much Deeper Risk Analysis

SecureAuth applies a much more comprehensive set of risk checks not just at login time but also pre-login, elevating risk assessment of each login

Protection for Office 365 and On-Prem Apps

While login to Office 365 is the key to most users, SecureAuth allows the same adaptive authentication policies to protect all cloud and on-prem apps

Flexible Password Reset with Office 365

SecureAuth provides an incredibly flexible self-service password reset, with about 30 password reset methods for desktop and mobile users

Learn how ESCO protected access to Office 365 with SecureAuth

Maximize Usability and Security for Office 365

Rapid Integration with SecureAuth SSO Portal

SecureAuth provides a built-in Office 365 SAML connector allowing rapid deployment of Microsoft Office 365 in the SecureAuth SSO Portal

Protect Office 365 Protect Resources and the Business
API Migration

Instant integration with Active Directory

SecureAuth provides a built-in integration with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, allowing rapid integration with the existing IT infrastructure

Exceptionally Broad MFA Choices

SecureAuth provides a much broader portfolio of MFA options than AD/AAD, from magic link, to Symbol-to-Accept, to biometrics-based WebAuthn

multi-factor authentication Identity and Access Management
Passwordless Authentication Reduce the Risk of Compromise

Passwordless with Office 365

SecureAuth provides an easy transition to fully passwordless login to Office 365, with easy enrollment of MFA factors and robust adaptive authentication.

Watch How SecureAuth Integrates with Office 365
in Less Than 2 Minutes

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SecureAuth Identity Platform Adaptative Authentication

Identity and Access Management

Empower your digital initiatives with secure access for everyone and everything connecting to your business

Product Features

Adaptive Authentication

Extend verification of a user identity with contextual risk checks

Multi-Factor Authentication

Leverage a broad portfolio of authentication factors for desktop and mobile

Intelligent Risk Engine

Protect your identities with advanced risk profiling analytics

Single Sign-On

Provide app discovery and one-click login through portal or desktop SSO

User Lifecycle Management

Enable admins with strong CRUD capabilities and users with self-service tools

Secure All Identities


Customer Identities

Deliver a frictionless customer experience safeguarding user data and privacy


Workforce Identities

Govern and control access rights for employees, partners, and contractors

SecureAuth Authenticate App

Passwordless MFA client with
Symbol-to-Accept. Stronger security.

Moving Beyond Passwords

Learn how passwords alone no longer provide the appropriate level of protection, nor confidence, required to secure valuable resources


Passwordless Authentication

Reduce the risk of breaches by eliminating passwords

2FA is Not Enough

Block popular phishing and brute force attacks used by bad actors

Protecting Office 365

Extend adaptive authentication and flexible MFA to all apps including Office 365

Securing Portals and Web Apps

Balance strong security and an exceptional user experience

RSA Migration

Transition to a modern identity and access management solution



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