SecureAuth Named a Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for Customer Identity and Access Management

The Rise of Analytics

SecureAuth solutions were created to flip the switch on authentication and help you realize the benefits of a passwordless world. And deploy the solution in a simple, more effective manner. 

Our patented, Passwordless Continuous Authentication™ technology analyzes user identity and uses behavioral modeling to infer whether a user is a threat before authentication, during authentication, and post-authorization. 


Arculix Passwordless
Arculix Passwordless

Next Generation Behavioral Modeling

Eliminate the reliance on weak and outdated controls by incorporating our patented Biobehavioral® modeling approach to identity access management. It utilizes contextual, behavior-based credentials that are virtually impossible to replicate, tamper with, or spoof. 

Going Beyond Passwordless: Continuous Authentication

Monitor user behavior and application activity to create an enriched user profile within each application landscape. Whether through web, mobile, workstation or IoT, we deliver the most intelligent continuous authentication system available.

We grant user access because we know the user is legitimate. No passwords or tokens needed. With our Authenticators Manager, you can manage which authenticators you want enabled for your organization.

Authenticators Manager

Go Passwordless and Get Compliance for Cyber Insurance and ZTA

Get the strongest coverage with the lowest premiums, and no insurance coverage exclusions by going passwordless.

Cyber Insurance

Delight Users with Passwordless Login

Modern factors like biometrics-based FIDO2 WebAuthN (Touch ID or Face ID) are favorites for users for their simplicity, familiarity and login speed

Eliminate Password Risk

Utilize phishing-resistant MFA methods like TOTP, YubiKey, Symbol to Accept, Passkeys, or WebAuthn instead of passwords.

Lower Cost of Ownership

With zero password reset problems, users will save your help desk time

Eliminate Password Management

Remove the burden of managing password expiration and password complexity policies

Block Attacks Against Your IAM System

Eliminate brute-force attacks against your IAM and defend your organization from credential stuffing, stolen credentials, compromised credentials and password spray methods

Block Attacks Against Users

Remove the risk of social engineering attacks like phishing or spear phishing targeted against your high-value users

Passwordless White Paper

Going Beyond the Binary

Passwordless White Paper

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