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What is Invisible MFA?

Invisible MFA is more than just providing phishing-resistant MFA options. It’s a game changing approach to authentication where the end user is frictionlessly accessing apps and data while their risk profile is being continuously evaluated behind the scenes. It’s the most foolproof way to mitigate cyber-attacks throughout the user journey, even post authorization.

While SecureAuth supports phishing-resistant MFA methods (which are recommended by CISA), we believe they aren’t enough. These methods are still a binary way to authenticate users, whereas you need a continuous approach to confirming identities.

Invisible MFA, powered by continuous authentication, strengthens security while improving the user experience. A win- win for your organization and the world.

Invisible MFA

Not All MFA is Created Equal

There are staggering differences between traditional and Invisible MFA. Traditional MFA methods like one-time passwords (OTPs), push to text, push to email, and personal identification numbers (PINs) are all easily hacked and have been banned by the US government and other regulated industries.

Be sure when you are rolling out your MFA strategy, you are powering it with a risk-based continuous authentication platform and using phishing-resistant MFA methods. Such best practices are also essential for compliance to cyber insurance and ZTA.

CyberSecurity & Infrastructure
Not all forms of MFA are equally secure. Phishing-resistant MFA is the gold standard and organizations should make migrating to it a high priority effort.”

– CISA Fact Sheet on Implementing Phishing-Resistant MFA [October 2022]

Invisible MFA

  • Provides user context throughout the digital journey
  • Adds friction (i.e. prompts) only when risk appears
  • Leverages advanced MFA methods like behavior and passwordless

Tradtional MFA

  • Provides only point-in-time context, no control before authentication or post authorization
  • Adds an MFA prompt every time at authentication
  • Uses methods that are easy to hack / bomb
    (push to text / push to email)

Multiple Data Points Provide Ultimate MFA Defense

Only SecureAuth combines and analyzes data from mobile devices, workstations, and browser fingerprints to truly determine identity. This is the underlying next-gen technology that powers our invisible MFA approach. It enables you to create a layered defense against unauthorized users who can wreak havoc on your critical data.

SecureAuth supports over 30 MFA methods and any additional phishing-resistant methods that are FIDO2-approved.

Circle of Trust

Device and Browser Fingerprint Digital DNA

For each discrete visit or user authentication attempt on a DBFP-enabled website, SecureAuth collects information about a variety of parameters including user-agent, browser type, and screen resolution.

These data points form an overall picture to characterize each specific visitor, enabling the enterprise to ensure smart and secure authentication and eliminate potential threat actors via MFA.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning MFA

MFA gives you assurance that users are who they say they are through our data science approach by proving the following:

  • Something you know 
  • Something you have  
  • Something you are 
  • Things that you do 
Arculix Analytics Dashboard
Authentication Methods

Analyze Normal User Behavior

Ensure that sufficient authentication is provided to confirm the user is who they claim to be, consider the following questions:

  • Are they using a public or private network? 
  • Do we recognize the device they are using? 
  • Where are they? (And where were they previously?) 
  • Can we confirm they are in an expected location? 
  • Are they on a known risky IP address? 
  • Has there been a SIM card swap (or are their credentials available on the dark web)? 

Authentication Methods: Not Just Passkeys

Elevate your platform login with our Mobile capabilities for the ultimate secure and continuous authentication solution for all your applications.

Arulix App

Not All Identities and Risks are Created Equal

Increase MFA Adoption by 5X

By reducing the number of prompts from all devices, apps, VDI, VPN and SSO, users will be more inclined to adopt invisible MFA. Most SecureAuth customers report having 90% (and higher) MFA adoption rates. Compare that to the 28% adoption rate from the average Microsoft user. Increasing MFA adoption rates will significantly improve your risk profile and best protect you against the latest threats.

5x Adoption Rates

Eliminate MFA Bombing/Flooding Attacks

Remove risky user behavior like auto accepting push notifications that enable bad actors to easily compromise their credentials. These attacks are known as MFA bombing attacks.

SecureAuth’s Symbol-to-Accept verification negates MFA bombing attacks by requiring a user to choose among options and select the correct symbol that corresponds to the image shown on their device screen.

Reduce MFA Prompts by 75% and Save Millions

Using invisible MFA delights users with fewer prompts throughout the digital journey. Fewer prompts also strengthen security.

The average workforce person logs in ~16X/day. Invisible MFA reduces that number to 4 per day.

Assuming an organization has 30,000 users, with each MFA prompt taking 30 seconds and employees work 260 days at $36/hour, you would save $28M/year. Plug in your own numbers here to see your custom savings.

MFA Cost Savings

Delight Users with the Least Disruptive MFA Options

Utilize analytics to deliver a frictionless experience for users with invisible MFA login workflows that deliver step-up or step-down authentication.

And you can offer the least disruptive MFA for users on mobile or desktop devices with MFA factors suitable for touch screens and smartphones, such as Symbol to Accept, Passkeys, Touch ID or WebAuthN.

MFA Options
ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Realize significant cost savings from implementing a risk-based continuous authentication solution

Cyber Insurance eBook

Cyber Insurance eBook

Traditional MFA Not Enough for Cyber Insurance Compliance

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