10 Identity Management Priorities To Consider For 2019

Donovan Blaylock II
May 28, 2019

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As we close on the month of May and realize that we are almost at the halfway point in 2019, it is important to take a step back and review IT security priorities for the year. While there is no shortage of strategies to review, the most important is your Identity Access Management strategy as that will set the stage for all access to all resources in your digital world. Have you just relied on 2018 identity management techniques or have you researched and began planning an overhaul?

Identity Management In 2019

In the digital world, all doors open based on your identity and specifically how you authenticate that identity to specific networks, applications and cloud-based resources. So it stands to reason that the strength of your identity management strategy will be your best defense against cyber criminals and the potential for teft, data corruption and/or loss of reputation. According to a Forbes article titled “5 Things Every Executive Needs to Know About Identity And Access Management”:

“Organizations need to recognize that perimeter-based security, which focuses on securing endpoints, firewalls, and networks, provides no protection against identity and credential-based threats. Until they start implementing identity-centric security measures, account compromise attacks will continue to provide a perfect camouflage for data breaches.”

So, how can you ensure that your identity management strategy is up to the task?

10 Priorities To Consider

The Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) created a decision guide that is intended to provide actionable advice on the best practices and solutions organizations should adopt for addressing today’s most pressing challenges to enabling effective identity management.

By reading this report, IT managers, security officers, and line of business managers will gain key insights into the following areas:

  • Understand the end-user computing forces that are shaping today’s workforce performance
  • Identify the most important considerations for adopting best practices and solutions for establishing identity controls
  • Determine the Top 3 platforms available today for each recommendation

The report goes on to identify these top 10 priorities for 2019:

  1. Adding a second authentication factor
  2. Unifying identity controls across hybrid environments
  3. Injecting intelligence into identity management
  4. Enabling identity governance
  5. Simplifying credential recovery
  6. Reliably vaulting passwords
  7. Assessing identity risks
  8. Stepping up multi-factor authentication
  9. Achieving passwordless authentication
  10. Leveraging authentication resources on mobile devices

To learn more about these priorities you should download a free copy of this report today.

Achieving All 10 With Continuous Cognitive Authentication

It may seem impossible, but the fact is that you can achieve all 10 of these 2019 priorities with a continuous cognitive authentication solution.  Acceptto’s eGuardian engine continuously creates, and monitors user behavior profiles based on the user interaction with the It’sMe authenticator. This provides both inference and prediction, so every time an activity occurs, actionable intelligence is gathered and used to optimize the user profile.

eGuardian is capable of autonomously and continually learning new policies and adapting existing ones. While policies can still be manually defined and contribute to the computation, our Biobehavioral AIML approach automatically finds the optimal policy for each transaction. eGuardian leverages a mixture of AI & ML, expert systems and SMEs to classify, detect, and model behavior, and assign real-time risk scores to continuously validate your identity prior to, during and post-authentication.

Download the Enterprise Management Associates’ Ten Priorities For Identity Management in 2019 today and then check out what Acceptto can do to ensure your employees, partners and customers can authenticate without passwords and still ensure security and privacy registering for a free demo today.


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