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A Walk Through the Past and Present to the Future of IAM Solutions

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
January 29, 2020

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Take a walk through the past and present to understand the future of identity and access management solutions.

As enterprises grow, so do risks to their digital security. This includes threats from outside firms by cybercriminals. It also involves how to control information access among employees.

Identity and access management solutions have become critically important for nearly every business today. If you need to learn more about the future of IAM, read below for a walk through its past, present and future!

How Does Identity Access Management Work?

Identity access management (IAM) allows or denies access to users at your firm. This involves four basic functions. These include pure identity function, user access function, service function, and identity federation.

Pure Identity Function

The pure identity function allows the administration to control access by creating, deleting, or managing login IDs. Each ID correlates to a real-world entity.

User Access Function

The user access function supplies access management based on the individual user’s identity. A customer or employee would have their own access information. Role-based or service access may replace this type of access.

Service Function

The service function involves a system of access management. It will be based on a user’s role and usually presented online and at the demand of the user.

Identity Federation

Identity federation involves the linking of a user’s profile across various systems. This allows a user to authenticate themselves without the use of a password.

History of Identity and Access Management Solutions

Historically, identity access management was fairly simple. It mostly entailed keeping one system secure. The employees who needed it used that system, and they had access to all of its information through a user-created password.

Those simple days are long gone, however. Today, most of us use multiple systems across a variety of platforms. Identity and access management have had to evolve along with the growth of these technologies.

Present-day IAM

Today’s IAM looks much different and is far more complex. We can no longer rely on simple password-protection to keep our information secure. Hackers have a huge lock-picking kit that needs to be countered by cybersecurity tools.

Besides countering cyber threats, enterprises need to maintain compliance with regulations in any country where they do business. Regulations shift frequently, making compliance management into an industry all its own.

Future of Identity and Access Management

Identity access management will prove even more important as we look ahead. Businesses must consider a wide range of solutions now to meet threats. Future trends include biometrics, blockchain technology, self-sovereign identity, and continuous behavioral authentication is mission-critical to corporate security.


Fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scans are big trends in securing access to data. As these components have been growing in popularity, hackers are also breaking these locks.


Blockchain takes traditional centralized data security and fractures it into many pieces. This can prevent a hacker from gaining access to information by breaking into one system. This decentralized system also adds encryption of data to further secure data.

Self-Sovereign Identity

As we come to terms with our information being stored over multiple systems, ideas about data privacy and ownership will come to the forefront. Self-sovereign identity acknowledges that the ownership of personal data rests with the individual.

Continuous Behavioral Authentication is the key to continuous secure coverage and unbreakable authorization.

Take Your IAM to the Next Level

Protect your business and your customers by staying ahead of the IAM game with Acceptto’s Continuous Behavioral Authentication. Continuous identity and access management solutions are a critical factor in the success of your company even post-authorization.

Contact us today to learn how to employ the next level of IAM Continuous Behavioral Authentication solutions.

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