Artificial Intelligence In Cybersecurity Is Escalating

Donovan Blaylock II
January 20, 2020

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When progressive technologies start to deliver on their potential, we can expect a wholesale shift of vendors looking to get on the bandwagon. Typically, in a technology lifecycle, it is the technology enthusiasts and early adopters that have to validate the promise of that technology and hone its potential into something viable for the mainstream. Once that is done, the early majority, late adopters and finally the sceptics jump in as well. AI is now moving out of the early adopter stage and into the early majority stage of adoption for cybersecurity.

How Does AI Fit Into Cybersecurity?

For those who are still acronym-challenged, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and according to Technopedia:

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

    • Speech recognition
    • Learning
    • Planning
    • Problem solving “

You also can’t have a discussion on AI without discussing Machine Learning.  TechTarget describes it as:

“Machine learning (ML) is a category of algorithm that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The basic premise of machine learning is to build algorithms that can receive input data and use statistical analysis to predict an output while updating outputs as new data becomes available.”

Fundamentally, a tool is usually targeted at a specific problem set.  In this case the basis is to better understand, interpret and act on more human-centric linguistics and measurable behaviors.  This has opened the doors for insightfully uses in the identity and access management market specifically for authentication solutions.

AI In Cybersecurity Is A $Billion Proposition

AI has been a subject of notice for over a decade and has certainly also been the subject of many science fiction books and movies. Many people still regard it as just that, a work of fiction, while others still regard it with skepticism and fear. The good news is that progressive security vendors recognize its value and are making large investments. According to a CISO Mag article titled “AI in cybersecurity market to reach $18.2 billion by 2023”:

“The global artificial intelligence in cyber security market is expected to reach $18.2 billion by 2023. Artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in cyber security by identifying threats and protecting organizations’ data from lethal cyber-attacks. It speeds up the process of noticing attacks and enables organizations to adopt predictive measures in combating cyber-crimes.”

The article goes on to also report:

“On the basis of technology, machine learning is gaining traction in the artificial intelligence in cyber security market, and is projected to cross $6 billion by 2023. The larger revenue share of machine learning is mainly attributed to better threat learning algorithm using voluminous data to protect businesses.”

With this amount of money being spent on AI and ML you can expect great things.

AI In Identity Access Management (IAM)

Identity Access Management (IAM) strategies leveraging new AI technologies deliver on the promise of previous decades to have a truly secure and private way of authenticating employees and customers.

Acceptto is a transformative Behavioral AIML authentication technology delivering you continuous identity protection and peace of mind in an age where passwords are ineffective and identity authentication is mission critical.

Acceptto is built on the premise that your credentials today, and those that you’ve yet to create, have already been compromised. Your identity cannot simply be based on a password or a one-time token or only your biometrics. Your immutable identity is a combination of your physical behaviors, attributes and Digital DNA. We call it Continuous Behavioral Authentication. You can deliver on the promise of zero trust meeting CARTA with our AIML technology that enables frictionless authentication, prevents credentials stuffing instantaneously, ensures your true immutable identity continuously, and dramatically reduces risk, likelihood of fraud and cost of helpdesk operations without the guesswork or latency.

See for yourself what Acceptto can do to ensure your employees, partners and customers can authenticate without passwords and still ensure security and privacy. Register for a free trial today.


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