Acceptto named Citrix Ready Partner of the month

Donovan Blaylock II
October 03, 2018

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We’re honored to be showcased as the cybersecurity partner of the month and trusted solution within the Citrix Ready Partner Program.

Acceptto’s It’sME(TM) MFA (multi-factor authentication technology) is a verified Citrix Workspace compatible and trusted third-party solution that can be used with NetScaler Gateway to improve the security of NetScaler logins.

The Acceptto’s identity access management plugin enhances the Citrix Workspace cloud offering with cognitive authentication for a dynamic level of assurance.  It allows organizations that are using the Citrix Workspace to protect it and deploy multi-factor authentication based on behavioral characteristics across the entire workspace as part of the Citrix Secure Digital Perimeter.

Learn more about Acceptto Citrix Solution Plugin  here.

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