Does your Access Control strategy have all the As you need? Find out in our next webcast

Darin Pendergraft
August 29, 2016

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The traditional three As of security – authenticate, authorize and account – used to be enough to ensure a secure environment. But with the adoption of mobility and cloud technologies, IT organizations are losing control over the very resources that run their business. Not to mention advanced persistent threats forcing organizations to change their approach to user access control to have a chance at catching attackers before it’s too late. 


To be sure your access control strategy is on track to meet these demands, you need enough A’s to enable you to: 

·  regain control of authentication, even for resources outside your datacenter
·  stop suspicious actors in their tracks, thwarting attacks in progress
·  embrace new technologies by ensuring you can deliver them securely
·  deliver a frictionless user experience, regardless of where the resource lives

Please join me and SE Manager Aaron Davidson on Wednesday, March 25 for a webcast that will explore the 6 As you need to get on a SecurePath to strong authentication, and how SecureAuth IdP can help. Visit this link to reserve your place today!

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