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Enhancing Citrix Workspace with SecureAuth’s Arculix: A New Standard in Passwordless Continuous Authentication

Arculix + Citrix
Ruhi Lolaea
August 09, 2023

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Note: This was co-authored by Faranak Talebi, Integrations Engineer at SecureAuth.

In the digital era, the seamless integration of various platforms is crucial for efficient and secure operations. SecureAuth’s Arculix, an award-winning platform in next-gen passwordless continuous authentication, is setting new standards in this domain. Today, we announce how Arculix enhances the capabilities of Citrix Workspace, delivering a secure, frictionless, and user-friendly experience. SecureAuth extends its technical alliance with Citrix with this new joint offering on Citrix Ready Marketplace.  

Arculix and Citrix Workspace: A Powerful Partnership 

The integration of Arculix with Citrix Workspace revolutionizes the way users access their virtual apps, desktops, files, and SaaS applications. With Arculix serving as the identity provider, users can securely log in to Citrix Workspace from anywhere, enjoying a unified digital workspace. This seamless integration not only simplifies access but also enhances security, making Arculix a valuable addition to any Citrix Workspace environment. 

Streamlined Access, Uncompromised Security 

Arculix’s robust authentication and access management solution reduces password fatigue and enhances identity security within Citrix Workspace. Users enjoy a unified workspace with a single log-on, accessing all their files, apps, and desktops from a single point. This streamlined access doesn’t compromise security, thanks to Arculix’s continuous, passwordless authentication system. 

Continuous Authentication: The Arculix Advantage 

Arculix goes beyond passwordless authentication by offering continuous authentication within Citrix Workspace. It monitors user behavior and application activity to create an enriched user profile within each application landscape. Whether through web, mobile, workstation, or IoT, Arculix delivers the most intelligent continuous authentication system available. Users are granted access because they are verified as legitimate, with no need for passwords or tokens. This continuous authentication enhances the security of Citrix Workspace, ensuring only legitimate users gain access. 

The Power of Analytics in Citrix Workspace 

Arculix’s integration brings the power of its passwordless continuous authentication™ technology to Citrix Workspace. The Arculix Risk Engine, the only solution of its kind, ingests data from various security tools to detect anomalies and deliver insightful at-authorization and post-authorization actions. This intelligent approach to authentication helps organizations realize the benefits of a passwordless world in a simple and effective manner, enhancing the security and efficiency of Citrix Workspace. 

Device Trust on Workstations

In today’s digital workspace, users often connect to their virtual applications or desktops from physical workstations. This could be from a dedicated work machine in an office, a personal computer from home, or on the go. Here, Arculix Device Trust plays a crucial role in providing a secure and streamlined user experience. 

Device Trust is architected to improve authentication security within the ecosystem of Citrix products such as ADC or Storefront, especially when these are integrated with Arculix SAML. Through this integration, Arculix SAML provides a layer of intelligent authentication that is both secure and user-friendly. 

With Arculix SAML’s intelligence and policy-driven mechanisms, the authentication operations become easier to manage, creating a seamless user experience. This means that, even as users log in to their virtual desktop environments from multiple devices and locations, they can do so safely, securely, and without unnecessary complications. 

In addition, Device Trust aids in enhancing security by enforcing device compliance checks before granting user access to resources. This means that only trusted and compliant devices can access the virtual apps and desktops, further bolstering the security landscape of a user’s organization. 

Arculix Device Trust + Citrix

Device Trust on Virtual Desktops 

When it comes to virtual desktop environments, balancing user accessibility with system security is essential. This is where Device Trust truly shines as one of the only solutions with this capability. 

With Device Trust, organizations don’t need to prevent users from accessing the virtual desktop environment in the name of security. Rather, IT administrators can allow user access while ensuring high levels of security. 

When a user is logged in and active, the session is open and Device Trust allows users to log in without any disruption or added friction. However, if a user’s session becomes locked, Device Trust can automatically intervene to unlock the session. This ensures that the lock session cannot be misused, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and applications. 

By doing so, Device Trust offers a robust solution that provides both convenience for the user and security for the organization. It is an important tool in the context of remote work and digital workspace solutions, where secure access to applications and data is essential for productivity and security.  

Overall, the integration of Device Trust in Citrix virtual apps and desktops is designed to ensure secure and efficient operations, providing a frictionless user experience while maintaining a robust and reliable security posture.


The integration of Arculix with Citrix Workspace represents a significant advancement in identity access management. By offering continuous, passwordless authentication, Arculix enhances the security and user experience of Citrix Workspace. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, Arculix stands ready to meet these challenges, enhancing the capabilities of platforms like Citrix Workspace and setting new standards in the industry. Arculix is available today on the Citrix Ready Workspace: click here. Request a demo of Arculix today.

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