How the Cybersecurity Industry Is Adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Donovan Blaylock II
May 18, 2020

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There is a cybersecurity attack almost every 40 seconds. It shows how prevalent cybersecurity attacks are and the necessity to have a strong security system. 

But with coronavirus pandemic, it appears that there will be more attacks. There will be a need to increase cybersecurity, especially with how many people working remotely. 

You may feel more insecure about attacks and less protected. But there’s a solution.

Here’s a glimpse of how the cybersecurity industry is adapting to the coronavirus pandemic to make you feel more secure. 

Cybersecurity Experts Are Teaming Up

Since the coronavirus pandemic came about, there has been more concern over hacks.

Specifically, hacks into companies and people’s personal information have been a concern

However, there are cybersecurity experts taking action. More than 400 cybersecurity experts are joining forces to increase the security system of hospitals. 

These experts are increasing the security network of hospitals, protecting communication networks

These professional experts are hired by Microsoft and Amazon. Now they are teaming up to protect healthcare organizations stemming from 40 different countries.

Although the coronavirus pandemic is separate people with social distancing, it has also brought people together.

Experts are showing how they can work together to make hospitals safer. They are showing how they can make the world safe during a pandemic. 

What Else Can Be Done? 

You might be wondering what’s being done to protect your network and information at home besides hospitals. 

You might be wondering if you’re more susceptible to online attacks. 

The best action you can take is to take measures for yourself. That means to be aware of potential security threats. 

It means to be wary of unknown emails. Don’t open or click on a suspicion link in the email or provide your information.

You should go to government websites because they often have the most accurate and the most secure networks. These government websites also have the most accurate information on COVID-19.

Make sure to check the authenticity of the charity if you’re giving it to charity. It reduces the chance of being hacked. 

If you want to know what else you can do to feel safer in your home from cyberattacks, you can read this blog post about how COVID-19 is setting a new bar on passwordless security

You Should Feel Safe

If you work in a hospital or at home, you should feel safe from cybersecurity attacks. You should feel safe knowing that there is a team of experts protecting our healthcare system across 40 different countries. 

Yet you should also be proactive and take measures to protect your email. You should take measures to protect your personal information. It means closing your sites, logging out, and being more mindful of where you shop online. 

You can contact us here if you have further questions about how to create a more secure network from cyberattacks. 

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