Latest Cybersecurity Breaches in 2019

Donovan Blaylock II
August 07, 2019

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This year’s recent data breaches cost people millions in data and personal assets. Over 1.34 billion personal records were leaked in April alone. That should lead you to ask, what breaches have been swept under the carpet?

What are the most recent data breaches in 2019 and what do they imply for the rest of us?

If you want to know the extent of this years security breaches, keep reading for the info you’ve been looking for.

Recent Data Breaches

Also known as unintentional information disclosure, recent security breaches are defined by an accidental release of sensitive data. 2019’s worst data breaches were due to poor security practices, insecure storage systems, and hackers.

Toyota Data Breach

Toyota’s recent data breach left millions of customers personal information out in the open. The released data included:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Employment info

The most recent attack took place in Japan and occurred in several Toyota subsidiaries. It’s apparent that Toyota was targeted as the company has begun collecting more online information on their customers. As car companies introduce more cloud-based technologies, including wi-fi support, the more customer data is at risk of being breached.


If you’re a Facebook user you’ve heard about the 540 million personal records lost during the April 2019 data breach. So, what happened?

The records were exposed on an Amazon cloud-server. Facebook wasn’t merely attacked but allowed leaked data through third-party pipelines. In other words, user information was shared and breached by many online services and companies.

The real problem comes down to proper cloud-based storage and security. Instead, you can find a password-free solution complete with multiple-form authentication, all which prevents leaked personal data.

Credit Card Breaches

In a recent credit card breach, over 2 million credit cards were corrupted and exposed in multiple restaurants. This is hardly the first time this has happened, last year over a million accounts were breached as well.

The upshot? Your financial accounts are at risk of security breaches and hacking like any other online service you use. If you use an online service for your credit card or bank account, consider finding separate solutions to keep your finances.

Advice and Tips

If you want to protect your data, find solutions that don’t require that you store your most sensitive information to engage in their service. Moreover, it’s key that you find flexible storage solutions that aren’t at risk of physical hacking or easy data leaks.

Protect Your Data

Your private data is important not only to your digital life but your personal wellbeing. Try remembering all the safe-accounts you have online. All the credit card data you have protected by corporate entities.

Don’t you think it’s the time you know your data is secure? Are you tired of worrying about your personal records?

It’s time you found a solution that works.

Your next step to action is simple. Reach out to for a comprehensive solution to your security needs. Don’t wait for these recent data breaches to affect you.

Go out and find a cloud-based solution for your business today!

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