Press Release: Acceptto Achieves FIDO2 Certification to Help Organizations Move Beyond Passwords

Donovan Blaylock II
September 13, 2019

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Company Becomes First to Integrate FIDO2 Client SDK/API Integration for iOS


September 12, 2019 

Acceptto, the leading provider of Continuous Behavioral Authentication, has been certified by the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance for the FIDO2 server protocol. FIDO2 combines the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Authentication specification (WebAuthn) and FIDO Alliance’s corresponding Client-to- Authenticator Protocol (CTAP), to accelerate the industry’s shift away from passwords by allowing common devices to securely and easily authenticate in both mobile and desktop environments. The concurrent integrations announced today by Acceptto reflect the global need to address traditional binary authentication problems and solve the growing issue of password insecurity.

“Easily hacked, passwords can no longer remain the standard for authentication moving forward. With FIDO2 we can start the path to a safer, more phishing-resistant protocol and better user experience for web and mobile application authentication,” said Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO, Acceptto. “We are proud to be leading the transformative shift in cybersecurity by offering an end-to-end continuous behavioral authentication platform versus outdated binary authentication technologies that are simply ineffective. Only then can we leverage immutable identity characteristics – truly unique to each individual in its context – effectively rendering passwords completely obsolete.”

In March 2019, W3C announced that WebAuthn will be the official standard for passwordless login with applications such as Windows 10 and Android platforms, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari (preview) web browsers. Additional details can be found here.

Acceptto is the industry’s first solution providing technology to develop an innovative, patented BiobehavioralTM authentication platform that continuously monitors and manages access to cyber resources. The Acceptto solution supports both FIDO UAF 1.0 servers and FIDO 2.0 servers, easily integrates with your iOS app and the Acceptto FIDO server to add secure FIDO authentication via the devices sensors (ex: TouchID, FaceID) or pin code. It provides stronger security, a simpler, easy to use and a frictionless experience of passwordless authentication for legitimate users. For more information, please visit

About Acceptto

Acceptto is a transformative cyber security company that is driving a paradigm shift in identity access management. Our AIML powered Continuous Behavioral AuthenticationTM technology analyzes and verifies user identity, inferring contextual data such as device and browser attributes, spatiotemporal velocity, user behavior, and network context and anomaly detection signals, etc. to detect and prevent identity access fraud across the enterprise and their end consumers. We deliver the smartest, most resilient and evasion-proof identity validation technology commercially available today for physical, web, mobile, cloud and IoT devices. Acceptto is headquartered in Portland, USA with offices in Lisbon, Portugal, and Vancouver, Canada, serving global active customers in healthcare, education, and financial services.

Acceptto is the industry’s first solution providing technology to develop a Continuous Biobehavioral Authentication™ that monitors and manages access to cyber resources even post-authorization. For more information, contact us.

Media contact
John Kreuzer
Lumina Communications for Acceptto 
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