Revered Industry Analyst Identifies SecureAuth IdP as The Next Generation of Adaptive Authentication

August 27, 2016

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Last month, SecureAuth announced its partnership with DARPA-endorsed BehavioSec to deliver Adaptive Authentication with the use of behavioral biometrics. Now, SecureAuth is uniquely positioned to inspect authentication attempts, while maintaining a frictionless user experience. Garrett Bekker, an analyst with 451 Research, provides his insights into the new partnership with a report titled, “SecureAuth Bolsters Threat Detection with BehavioSec Partnership.” In the report, Garrett discusses the new features of the SecureAuth™ IdP Platform, highlighting what to expect in regard to access control and identity management in the coming months.

The new behavioral biometric capabilities will enable SecureAuth IdP to monitor and analyze keystrokes, mouse movements, and touch dynamics on mobile devices. Leveraging these new access control methods, IdP will also look for indicators of compromised credentials and signs of potential attacks.

“Whereas most SSO vendors have limited authentication options, SecureAuth has more than 20 that can suit a variety of use cases. The addition of behavioral biometrics and threat-intelligence feeds provides differentiation versus other vendors of adaptive/risk-based/step-up authentication… The company [SecureAuth] is evolving beyond its authentication and SSO roots toward an ‘adaptive access control’ platform with elements of threat detection. A new partnership with behavioral biometrics vendor BehavioSec should propel the company further down the threat-detection path.”
            – Garrett Bekker, Senior Security Analyst, 451 Research 

By incorporating behavioral biometric technology into authentication platforms, organizations can further strengthen their defenses against cyber threats by creating an extra layer of protection. This trend comes as no surprise since we are in a time where individuals and organizations are losing faith in password-only security. In fact, a recent survey conducted with SC Magazine and SecureAuth found that 63% of respondents stated that their organization had formal plans to move into a multifactor authentication for a layered approach. When using password and usernames, strong passwords can be secure, however they only offer limited protection against compromised credentials.

That’s where we come in. SecureAuth IdP combats cyber threats beyond password and username by using Adaptive Authentication to continually monitor who is logging in to your businesses applications. Leveraging Two-Factor, SSO, and Adaptive Authentication, SecureAuth IdP, protects a variety of on-premises, cloud, and mobile solutions. Offering more than 20 authentication methods, including behavioral biometics, IdP can create a customized workflow for your organization that fits your needs.

For more information, download the 451 Research report here.

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SecureAuth™ IdP is a trademark of SecureAuth Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Behavioral biometrics powered by BehavioSec.

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