SecureAuth Drives Major Additions to Arculix’s Orchestration Engine to Deliver Optimal User Experience with No Code, Low Code

Identity Orchestration
Steve Goldberg
Senior Product Manager
November 16, 2023

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SecureAuth has just announced the major release of Arculix, our next-gen authentication platform that delivers major enhancements to its low code/no code orchestration engine. Since our orchestration product was built from the ground up, not acquired via acquisition, to be Arculix’s policy engine, we were able to focus on designing a product specifically to extend Arculix’s functionality. These enhancements enable the customization of our policies to implement the exact MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) flows that a customer requires. For example, we’ve added a powerful mechanism to create branded login pages with custom fields. The beauty of this simple drag-and drop engine is that these customizations can be done without having to write code or wait for our engineering team to deliver a feature request.

Identity Orchestration

So obviously, that alone is great…no waiting for engineering to finish a feature! Think of orchestration as a toolbox that enables us to give our customers exactly the experience they need and easily make changes in the future. How users register, enroll factors, and what their end-to-end MFA experience is can be completely tailored.

Identity Orchestration

This release also contains a significant enhancement to our support for passwordless authentication for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDIs). With our Device Trust product, we have specifically built-in support for VDIs that are rebuilt from a golden image. The VDI world calls these non-persistent VDIs. For security, Device Trust pairs a user directly with a machine or endpoint. If the VDI is wiped out, the next time a user accesses a newly rebuilt VDI, Device Trust will utilize the user’s certificate to transparently re-enroll that user.

Lastly, there were several minor enhancements, but one worth mentioning is our expanded support for Entra ID where Arculix can now utilize passthrough authentication of Entra ID credentials. This has been a long standing customer request so that customers have an alternative to the standard of redirecting users to Microsoft’s login experience.

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