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SecureAuth IdP for AWS

December 21, 2016

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Amazon Web Services

SecureAuth IDP: Secure Access Control for AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Organizations worldwide — from large enterprises to the the hottest start ups — rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power a variety of workloads, including web and mobile apps, data processing, storage and many others. SecureAuth is member of the AWS Partner Network, providing secure access control for a number of use cases, including HSPD-12 compliance for Federal Government and Enterprise-ready access control for Amazon Cognito mobile app developers.  Learn more about these solutions and why customers choose SecureAuth to enhance their AWS infrastructure.

Secure Access Control for Federal Government (HSPD-12)

Guidelines set forth by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) mandate that all federal enterprises must show that the identity given access has met strict requirements for secure access control. Resources must be able to consume the CAC/PIV cards that are issued under the mandated system of federal employee and contractor identification to ensure secure access.  

SecureAuth helps Federal Government Amazon and SharePoint Administrators meet this requirement with HSDP-12 compliant Amazon Machine Images (AMI).

AWS Administrator AMI

SecureAuth has created a specialized Amazon AMI instance that performs the functions of consuming the identity of HSPD-12 CAC/PIV card, mapping that identity to a directory, and then authorizing it to a role in Amazon. In this way, administrators can use their government issued identity cards for the purpose of logging onto the Amazon Web Services administrative console. 

SharePoint Administrator AMI

SecureAuth has created a specialized Amazon AMI that acts as the ‘Trusted Identity Provider’ or ‘TIP’ for your SharePoint instance, which performs the functions of consuming the identity of the user from the RAPIDS issued HSPD-12 CAC/PIV card and then providing access to the relying SharePoint instance. 

Secure Access Control for Enterprise Mobile Application Development (Amazon Cognito) 

AWS Cognito is designed for mobile app developers who want to focus on creating great experiences without the hassle of building and managing a backend solution to handle user authentication, network state, storage, and sync. With the addition OpenID Connect support, Amazon Cognito is helping developers bring their apps to the next level by leveraging not only social logins like Twitter and Facebook, but a larger number of enterprise data stores, including Active Directory. 

SecureAuth IdP for Amazon Cognito

SecureAuth provides secure, centralized authentication to AWS Cognito applications, using Open ID Connect to integrate with enterprise-level identity providers and data stores, including Active Directory.  In addition to integration with Cognito, SecureAuth IdP’s OpenID Connect support allows you to obtain temporary AWS security credentials, allowing your application access to the wide array of Amazon Web Services. 

Learn more about how SecureAuth can be deployed in hybrid, on-prem or cloud environments here or request a demo today.

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