SecureAuth is Here to Support Our Customers and Communities, from CEO Martin Savitt

Martin Savitt
Chief Executive Officer
March 13, 2020

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We’re Here to Support You

As businesses and organizations in every industry are diligently working to adjust their business operations during this global health crisis, SecureAuth is providing a complimentary service to help you, our valued customer, ensure the best possible situation for your workforce while continuing to provide your goods and services to your customers and partners.

We are all aware the CDC has issued a strong recommendation for the general population as well as businesses to begin social distancing and where needed implement self-quarantine procedures due to the Coronavirus. I want you to know that our focus during this challenging time is to support you and your business and ensure your SecureAuth solution is readily available to support you. Rest assured we have internally assessed our abilities to continue to deliver services to our customers and are confident in our abilities to continue to deliver. Ensuring your business can also effectively access and secure your valued resources will allow your company to keep your workforce as safe as possible and still continue providing your products and services to your customers.

Full Complimentary Comprehensive Business Continuity Assessment (BCA)

As our valued customer, we’d like to offer you a full complimentary comprehensive business continuity assessment (BCA). The BCA will be conducted remotely by senior solution experts to evaluate your current SecureAuth deployment. The goal is to identify if the current solution will support the evolving demands necessitated by the current challenging situation. Our team will provide realistic recommendations and mitigation strategies that can be implemented rapidly to effectively support the needs of your business.

Next Steps

We understand a top priority for you is to make sure your workforce is safe during this crisis.  And we know as a result many businesses are planning to institute a remote worker policy.  Please take a moment to review the complimentary BCA we’ve pulled together to help guide and support you through this difficult business disruption.  We understand the challenges and hope you will look to us as your business partner to help you work through this difficult time.


Martin Savitt


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