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SecureAuth Wins 2022 CISO Choice Award for Identity and Access Management

2022 CISO Choice Awards
Steve Goldberg
Senior Product Manager
December 23, 2022

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Contemporary customers expect every organization to deliver seamless customer registration and authentication—keeping that experience safe and convenient is challenging. Organizations shouldn’t have to compromise their user experience for strong security. With Arculix by SecureAuth platform, you can have both. SecureAuth is thrilled to be awarded the 2022 CISO Choice Award Identity and Access Management category by CISOs Connect, Security Current 

Arculix safeguards employee and customer identities with adaptable risk checks, that analyze device, browser, and user behavior data plus continuously ingest external risk signals to determine when risk should require step-up authentication. Today’s threat landscape requires more than simple binary checks. Arculix’s patented technology embeds behavioral models that continuously learn what genuine user activity looks like, so you let the good guys in and keep the bad actors out. At the same time, this intelligence is used to determine prompting for authetnication can suppressed if there is no threat, thus reducing the friction of constant MFA prompts inflicting pain on end users.  

Arculix by SecureAuth delivers a unified and complete authentication and access management platform. It provides advanced adaptive and continuous authentication backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning plus single sign-on (SSO) and federation, with passwordless application and endpoint authentication. Our solution establishes a level of assurance (LOA) at the initial login to an endpoint (ie: laptop, desktop, VDI) and continuously adjusts the LOA score throughout the user’s journey to their applications. The artificial intelligence allows the system to discern normal from abnormal user activity, reducing the number of required policy rules, easing the burden placed on security staff. Alongside these continuous authentication capabilities are a suite of flexible and intuitive policy tools that make simple to configure and deploy passwordless authentication across the enterprise. 

What sets SecureAuth Arculix apart from any other players?
SecureAuth’s Arculix delivers an unparalleled and frictionless user experience while providing strong security, providing peace of mind to security teams, employees, and consumers. By leveraging AI, machine learning, passwordless authentication, and intuitive, conditional policies, Arculix simultaneously provides an optimal user experience and uncompromising security. Arculix starts working before the initial login and leverages context and analytics continuously to determine whether authentication is necessary and without intrusively demanding multiple sign-ons and passwords. Users provide their own security simply by doing what they were already going to do. As Arculix builds profiles of users, it can identify suspicious behaviors and take action.  

Pioneered by SecureAuth to make it accessible to organizations of all sizes, Arculix’s policy customization tools also need little or no code. Our work on passwordless across mobile, web, workstations and IDP-SSO to our 47 Patents (including 6 new patents on Behavioral Modeling and ID Proofing), where users can protect themselves by being themselves. 

What are the business advantages?
Passwords are the weakest link and it has become one of the top attack vectors for bad actors. And resetting passwords can cost millions of dollars and affect employee productivity. Multi-factor authentication can create friction leading to frustration. Arculix enables clients to provide a seamless and secure user experience to their end customers by applying the right level of friction—at the right time. Ongoing risk and threat analysis based on data science balances convenience and security so that customers don’t dread their interactions, which is crucial to user retention and enabling topline revenue. IT staff do not have to spend days on endless configuration, because the intuitive and tailorable rules can be adjusted quickly to diverse system architectures and needs. Finally, because each profile is unique and authentication is constantly occurring, customer data has the strongest protection possible. We minimize cost and friction, serving both objectives of IT Operation and Risk Mitigation.  

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Watch the video interview of leading Research Analyst Richard Stiennon as he interviews SecureAuth’s CEO, Paul Trulove on why Arculix stands out and how it delivers continuous authentication in cloud, on-premise and in hybrid environments: Click here. 

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