Security Magazine: Unemployment in the US: What Does It Mean for the Cybersecurity and IT Workforce?

Donovan Blaylock II
April 28, 2020

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Fausto Oliveira, Principal Security Architect at Acceptto, a Portland, Oregon-based provider of Continuous Behavioral Authentication: “Recently, I have seen a few people on social media announcing they have been laid off and that they are looking for new opportunities. I can’t say if that is happening due to coronavirus, or if it is business as usual, however, there has certainly been cost containment measures put in place around the world as companies tighten their spending in order to free up money to face the downturn in the market.

As companies layoff part of their workforce, the cybersecurity function may be impacted at a time when threat actors are increasingly using the current crisis to perform attacks. Losing cybersecurity and IT staff at this point in time increases the risk of a successful attack and may impair the ability of a company to sustain the large volume of remote workers.

MSSPs are certainly a good choice when the financial cost of the cybersecurity function exceeds what the company can afford. I imagine that if the current scenario of personnel working from home and layoffs remains in place, then we will see a surge in the usage of MSSPs to address security gaps and act as a virtual cybersecurity function.” 

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