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The New SecureAuth Begins Now with Arculix

Chief Product Officer
June 08, 2022

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Balancing Friction with Security

Latest Trends in Frictionless Authentication

With Arculix, SecureAuth’s next-gen platform, we’ve totally reimagined how identity and access management should be implemented. The SecureAuth you needed in 2005 isn’t the SecureAuth you need today. Arculix is architected and designed to make it simpler for administrators to apply modern authentication journeys, where users must access on-premise and cloud resources from anywhere and the overall risk is continuously being evaluated, including the ingestion of signals from existing security and risk investments. As the market demands passwordless, adaptive, and continuous authentication, SecureAuth decided it was time to build a new product that makes these authentication journeys simpler to implement.

Focus on Usable Security

More and more, our customers are getting feedback from a userbase that understands identity and security based on applications they use in their personal life. But how do you ensure that you do not sacrifice security in the name of usability? We decided to make sure the administrators of Arculix are able to ensure frictionless authentication to resources used every day and to highly secure privileged assets. And using AI/ML-backed analytics to evaluate risk, fewer rules will need to be created, making configuration simple yet able to meet the most complicated use cases.

Product Highlights

Using NIST’s Identity Assurance Level as inspiration, an identity’s level of assurance is continuously evaluated and is used to grant access or prompt for factors that will increase the assurance level.

Authentication Group DetailsThe adaptive policies that define the level of assurance are human-readable, making them easily understood by all stakeholders including auditors. For many, adaptive authentication is the next step on their identity maturity curve. With Arculix, we’ve made it simple to get there and the security team can be confident that their rollout will not have unintended negative consequences.

Adaptive Policies

Bring Your Own Identity Provider

Extensibility is at the heart of Arculix. We know many customers have made significant investments in their tech stack and are unable to change because of their business processes. Now, our customers can utilize their existing identity provider while Arculix provides passwordless, adaptive, and continuous authentication capabilities.

The Arculix Difference

Enabling zero-trust implementations with a focus on increasing end-user productivity to make authentication easier while being more secure, is still at the heart of SecureAuth. With Arculix, the guiding principles of anything we have or plan to build must push the boundaries of:

  • Continuous authentication: Make it easy to simplify the end-user authentication journey and continuously analyze risk.
  • Extensibility: Integrate or augment current identity and risk investments and meet the most complex identity authentication use cases in the world.
  • Frictionless: Create a more frictionless experience for the end-user by interfering only when risk demands it.

We are very excited to introduce you to the new SecureAuth with our next-generation authentication platform, Arculix. Get a demo today.

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