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The Steps We Are Taking Towards Passwordless Authentication

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
February 05, 2020

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Today, the steps we’re taking are moving us closer to passwordless authentication. Read to find out more.

Passwords. We use them for just about every account we have, every piece of technology we own, and every online transaction we make. In short, passwords are everywhere and in everything that we do.

But what if one day, we just…stopped using them?

Passwords are incredible, and they keep us secure as we navigate the technological world around us, but they’re also a little outdated. On the cusp of 2020, there needs to be a better and easier way to manage our accounts.

Introducing passwordless authentication. Being able to identify yourself with no password necessary is a prominent feature and one that is soon to take over password security measures in the near future.

This article covers the steps that are being taken with this new authentication solution to make it stronger, safer, and worthy of business and consumer use. Keep reading to find out more!

Passwordless Authentication Is Making Technology More Responsible

Whenever we handle our passwords, we’re left doing all of the work while the machines wait for us to log in. Now computers will actively take part in the process.

Logging in with this new password solution means less of you clicking at the keyboard and a swifter (and safer) login all-around. Instead of typing out everything, you can connect your computer systems to communicate instead.

This means you only have to put in a minimum amount of information to confirm your identity to the computer, and the computer system can communicate with your phone or tablet to give you access to your information.

New Proximity-Based Authentication

Verifying your identity based on your location – or rather, the location of your device – has been around for quite some time, but now it’s stronger than ever before.

Proximity authentication is a powerful tool that is still currently overlooked by a wide majority of people. With this technology, you can authorize your device to unlock anytime it meets any preset proximity-based conditions.

For example, you can set the device to unlock when it is at a specific location or if it’s on your person, and it will lock itself again once those conditions are no longer met. This allows for almost instant access to your information every time.

Ultimate Ease of Use

There admittedly was a time when authentication without a password was somewhat primitive and clunky. But all technology has its beginning stages, and now passwordless access has become swifter and easier to use than ever before.

Unlike passwords, which require you to create a complex line of symbols that you have to remember (and can be targeted by hackers), passwordless access requires supreme ease of use and is super effective.

Want to use iris access? No problem? Maybe you wish to use your face instead? Or perhaps a good fingerprint solution will do? All of these are safer, easy to use, and much more secure than any password can be.

Leading the Tech World

Now that you know what’s happening with passwordless authentication, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep up with the latest and greatest in the tech world. We’re right here to help you do just that.

At Acceptto, we love technology just as much as you do – and we definitely have the hardware and software for your needs. We offer multi-factor authenticationContinuous Behavioral Authentication (CBA), FIDO passwordless solutionsAI and Machine learning programs, device browser fingerprints, and more advanced IAM solutions.

It’s time you got invested and made cybersecurity top of mind, and we’d love to get you started. Send us a message so we can show you all that we have to offer. We look forward to helping your business succeed.

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