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threatpost: Google Chrome To Bar HTTP File Downloads

Steve Goldberg
February 27, 2020

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No more HTTP downloads from Google Chrome allowed

Google Chrome Says No More HTTP Downloads

Downloads of files like images may be banned if they use HTTP connections – even if they are available from an HTTPS website.

Fausto Oliveira, Principal Security Architect at Acceptto, a Portland, Oregon-based provider of Continuous Behavioral Authentication spoke with threatpost about this latest news from Google and confirms it is a good idea.

“We have been using HTTPS as the de facto standard for web pages, however, annoyingly some implementations such as those mentioned by Google (i.e. banking statements) come to your browser unencrypted,” he said. “This allows anyone in the middle to have access to confidential data. I hope that this move by Google leads to other browsers following and also blocking the download of files from unencrypted connections.”

Read other perspectives and opinions around this topic on the threatpost website.

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