USA Today: Don’t let hackers steal your vacation

Donovan Blaylock II
April 23, 2019

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Don’t let hackers put a damper on your long awaited vacation. Read a full perspective from Acceptto‘s principal security architect Fausto Oliveira on how to avoid having your identity stolen while you’re having a relaxing time on your vacation as featured in USA Today.

There are some simple things you can do including:

“Mind the “evil maid.” That’s the industry term for a physical attack at your hotel. “When you leave your laptop out of your sight in a hotel bedroom, someone – the evil maid – can take advantage of that and either copy your laptop hard drive or infect it with malware for further exfiltration of information,” says Fausto Oliveira, a principal security architect at Acceptto, a Portland, Oregon-based provider of authentication services. The workaround? Encrypt your disk or never let your PC out of your sight”

Read the full article on how to keep your information protected while traveling for business or on vacation at USA Today.

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